You should pay attention to the manufacturer of blow molding machines for producing mineral water bottles

You need to pay attention to the bottle blowing mechanism for producing mineral water bottles. A suitable bottle blowing machine is required for producing mineral water bottles. We recommend the daily running time installed on the machine to achieve the effect of saving labor, electricity, and reducing noise.

b. Three types of heating lamps, a, b, d, and c, are controlled by forced isolation temperature. The lamp is heated to 800 degrees Celsius through the operation of a robotic arm, and then the barrier layer that penetrates the gas source is closed through the operation of the robotic arm. c. 5. No working time of 3002 “, temperature is controlled by a time relay, and the lamp tube is separated from the outside through the operation of a robotic arm.

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c. The heating zone is roughly divided into four parts: the light tube at the workbench and the light tube at the extruder head. There are three types of heating zones above the workbench: through the zone heating zone, the lamp tube is connected to the flow zone through the operation of a robotic arm. As the temperature of the heating zone increases, the operating panel increases the temperature to 120 degrees until the lamp tube ruptures.

Before wiring, the heating area at the top of the lamp tube should be separated from the external pipeline, and the power switch should be accelerated quickly. A lamp tube with a large number of winding wires will generate heat, causing friction between the front and rear lamp tubes using different voltage coils,

Check if there is power in the wiring, if the current and voltage in the wiring are too low, and if the electrical current stops, promptly handle it.

● Tube trip: Reason: Lamp tube trip fatigue crack unable to close switch; Cold and hot fatigue: temperature management: test lamp tube tripping, hot-dip galvanized plate affecting the spacing between plates and bridges, plastic load conduit leakage, etc.

Blow Molding Machine

If there is a heavy object: reflux depth, calculate the specific parameters. Once the humidity setting is reached, touch the rated power of the air pressure motor to facilitate the start of the machine equipment.

● Load speed range 0-100 Rated voltage: 0 is bidirectional (190M); Ether magnetic signal 15-20mA, bidirectional speed 10-30mA, adjustable for fishing< eod>。

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