You should pay attention to the bottle blowing machine company that produces mineral water bottles

You should pay attention to the official website of the bottle blowing machine company that produces mineral water bottles. Along with these new bottle blowing machines, there have been new developments in recent years. They can provide many products that require more transparency, and also require the lightweight of the hose itself to help oneself

In foreign countries, many manufacturers do not have fixed factories. Therefore, we need to regularly clean and polish some special bottle blowing machines. All of our products are ready on the bottle blowing machine. After the app ended, the staff took the manager back to the office and agreed with the leader. This leader investigation: For manufacturers who purchase this type of bottle blowing machine, their production costs can be considered from almost all budgets, and the main factors considered for production costs are.

PET Preform Making Machine

Check whether the stretching parts of the bottle blowing machine and various parts are flexible, and apply them flexibly according to requirements, so that staff can try to save some time and consideration when selecting products.

● Decision on backup layout. According to the requirements of the bottle making machine, determine the corresponding machine position, empty bottle valve, and specific position for the bottle blowing machine.

● Consideration of production costs. The above quality standards should be met, and the required progress methods should be found. In the early stage of small batch and small batch processing, after-sales control should be based on the premise of high cost. As mentioned earlier, the product needs, accuracy, wall thickness distribution, and other aspects should be compressed compared to small batch comprehensive equipment.

● Rotation action. Quickly rotate the manual pliers online. The height of the swing cylinder and the bottle blowing machine is slightly higher than the imitation bottle embryo positioning, and the swing cylinder is manipulated to be placed in the positioning screw cap. The swing cylinder can easily rotate, greatly increasing the sealing pressure and ensuring water leakage at the sealing.

● Assembly. Equipped with functions such as packing, mold shifting mechanism, lower packaging for everything, and stacking, it is impossible to use cups for packing without a complete paper cup during operation.

● Box. There is a sealing core inside the positioning bag, and the two sets of positioning bags only need to adjust the left and right screw threads of the cardboard box to seal tightly. The swing cylinder and packaging liquid bag also have a disc difference.

● Heating. 1. Customized according to needs; 12 lampshade. 1. Customization on demand; 12 lampshade. To open a lightbox that meets the requirements, it is necessary to open the lightbox on a bright surface.

● Workbench. This industrial control system adopts PLC computer control, high degree of automation, servo and touch screen control.

The head is plated with hard chromium, and its structure is a spiral core shaft type. The extruded molten material is uniform, and the blown film has good smoothness. The air cooling device structure is a maze type, and the air outlet is uniform.

● Side winding slot parameters: 1. Customized tension 6. Vest bag; 2. Customized stretching rod indexing ring ingot. 3. Bottom winding clutch: tension 15, radial force 06, tension control 03, Spanish delay.

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