You should pay attention to the blowing machine companies that produce plastic containers

You should pay attention to the brand promotion of domestic plastic bottle blowing machines by companies that produce plastic containers. In addition, the brand continues to launch high-quality products. In order to obtain more development opportunities and closely compete with the brand, the high-quality product quality and best service have won more and more people’s love and widespread application.

Before each shift of the bottle blowing machine, it is necessary to lubricate the moving parts once. (Robot, robot guide rail, mold opening and closing guide rail) 2. The swing arm can be added every 3-4 days. The large and small chains of the heating machine can be used once a month. Regularly check if the main engine reducer and heater reducer are lacking in oil. The host bearing can be added every three months.

Check whether the moving parts of the bottle blowing machine are firm, whether the screws are loose or detached, especially in areas with strong impact force, and whether the belt transmission part is abnormal.

The solenoid valve of the bottle blowing machine has dirt, and the hand valve is used to clean the electrical parts irregularly, especially in areas with strong impact force. Check if the belt transmission part is abnormal.

When opening the high and low pressure air source switch, it is necessary to act slowly to prevent dirt from blowing into the solenoid valve due to the fast flow rate of the air source. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean.

When starting the bottle blowing machine, it must be ensured that the mechanical parts are in good condition, there are no people inside the machine, and there are no foreign objects. Especially the position of the crank to avoid injury. Simultaneously close the safety door.

When starting the machine, the motor must be started first, and the heating machine must be started with a delay of 30 seconds to prevent voltage fluctuations. Before starting the heating, make sure that the cooling water is turned on.

Check if the heating head is working properly when entering the embryo and when the embryo is dropped. If the insertion of the embryo is not in place, the nut of the embryo pressing device can be adjusted.

When the bottle blowing machine is running, it is necessary to pay close attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the machine, and to detect it early, stop it in a timely manner, and solve it early.

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