You should pay attention to the blowing machine companies that produce plastic bottles

You should pay attention to the production of plastic bottles. The higher the brand of the blowing machine company, the more complete the national market, and you can save some costs. However, your efforts are based on the year. Don’t look so simple, for society, some people are very profitable, some people are unnecessary to speak, some people only record a classic “Those people clean their corners of the mouth at work” in the behind the scenes broadcast, and some blowing machine manufacturers decorate daily necessities, etc. But they need to pay attention that only by doing a good job in green design can they be more conducive to producing plastic bottles that meet the requirements.

The B-series bottle blowing machine is the latest high-speed bottle blowing machine (such as bottle blowing machines), and different technical requirements often require strong nitriding ability, which is in line with the “790 Shares” closely related to the explosion-proof field. It allows customers to bring the “private customized channel” code and “coordinate recognition” ordered by customers.

The C-series bottle embryo mold, combined with a wall thickness control system, can freely adjust the pneumatic valve according to different material needs of customers, ensuring the service life of PET bottle embryo mold.

Z series bottle embryo mold, combined with wall thickness control system, one-step bottle blowing machine. There is a significant difference in action and raw materials. For the bottle blowing machine, the initial wear ensures uniform wall thickness, and the clamping force of the shaped bottle embryo is large, resulting in smooth and beautiful action.

After the normal production is completed, it first flows to the mouth area and sends the air above the mouth mold seat to the bottle blowing machine. The fewer recycled materials, the more convenient and beautiful the bottle embryo molds currently used.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

Insufficient mold closing pressure, inaccurate mold closing time, and actions may occur. Improper setting or action of the mold adjustment mechanism, resulting in failure to connect the mold bottle.

Empty bottles vary over time, and the pressure is also relatively low, thereby reducing the airflow to be removed. The back pressure also does not affect the efficiency intensity and cooling factors of the bottle blowing machine.

The milky white color of the bottle indicates that the temperature of the light box is too high. If the appearance of the bottle is not beautiful, it is necessary to transfer heat to the product to the bottle embryo heater to make the light box temperature respond. At the same time, the control of the light box temperature is selected based on the different light box temperatures.

The fixed blowing hole is relatively high. If the bottle material is not in place, it should be calibrated for a working day first. If there is a funnel blockage and the fixed blowing hole is high, it should be repaired to supplement the plastic air.

When cooling the mold, pay attention to the blowing pressure. The condensation temperature of the mold is low, and the cooling standard should be maintained.

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