You should master these skills in the Extrusion blowing machine industry!

Domestic Blowing machine manufacturing, from the original two-sided outside, enterprises focus on assembly and sales of the imitation model, Extrusion blowing machine industry these skills you need to master!

The traditional method of these two Blowing machines is to save manual power consumption. To save manual power consumption and prolong the service life of the machine, plastic Blowing machine equipment should be maintained and maintained frequently.

bottles blowing machine

After the trial run, you need to check the time of this period. Generally, the same Blowing machine production line is used.

● Directly carry out the production of each station of 2 die heads, respectively blow molding and extrusion production. The production line is carried out independently. If it is necessary to prepare rods, it can also be processed by lathe.

● The welding position is not correct, the position cannot be touched, and the binding agent should be pulled by hand. The binding agent should be moved according to the plate screw hole, so that it can be taken out from the material hole.

● Generally, it is back pressure. If the moving knife beam starts to operate and the corona processor works normally when the normal operation is guaranteed, the moving knife arm will raise the panel.

Blow molding machine

● When the material reaches the set heating temperature, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife moves to obtain accurate linear and radial movement. The moving knife works with the help of the working arm or motor to move the material forward. At this time, the moving knife fixes the remaining material on the mobile manipulator to obtain the required linear speed of movement and is used to shorten the heating time.

● When the material does not reach the set heating temperature, the movable knife machine will lock the screw to ensure that the movable formwork is in good condition, so as to avoid the machine running difficulties.

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