Why are Extrusion blowing machine products popular with consumers

The business philosophy of “Boost the enterprise to shine” is to provide high-quality services for new and old customers. Why are the Extrusion blowing machine products popular with consumers?

Manufacturers specializing in extrusion blow molding cover the company with high-quality products, preferential prices, and sincere service expectations and understanding.

The frame of extrusion blow molding mainly adopts parison mold, which not only needs to complete the injection blow molding process.

The frame of extrusion blow molding mainly uses the expansion shaft of the parison mold, and uses the piston movement of the extruder, which has a large reverse drive force between molecules, so that the product wall thickness is uniform and the product seam width is large.

The frame of extrusion blow molding mainly adopts parison control mode, and the main technical parameters are similar. The wall thickness is uniform, which can reflect the chemical stability of plastic products, mechanical strength of products, bubble shape, and the use effect of containers.

The frame for extrusion blow molding is generally LDPE with volume, flange type → Hpc → sd outlet.

On the basis of unfilled mold, various containers with high barrier structure are formed through multiple forming processes. Compared with the traditional extrusion molding method, the wall thickness, aging resistance and rationalization can significantly shorten the molding cycle.

Due to the differences in raw materials, processing requirements, output and cost, different raw materials have different requirements for containers, which requires corresponding supporting costs and change payments.

Some bottle heads (bottle mouth and thread) have been formed; The second step is to manually place the tube blank on the honeycomb heater or the active circulating heating conveyor belt, and then move it to the bottle blowing machine for blowing with compressed air after heating and temperature regulation.

Type. The advantages of this method are that the equipment is relatively simple and the investment is relatively small; Regular mouth and excellent sealing function; The development speed of commodity types is fast, and the mold cost is relatively low. The defect is that the tube blank and blow molding are divided into steps.

The product is easy to be contaminated and it is difficult to ensure that the product has passed the bacterial test; The identity of goods is poor, and they are not used to mass production.

Tokyo relief printing company in Japan selected vacuum deposition method to produce PET film coated with silicon oxide coating on shoes. Japanese Japanese Japanese ink company also uses vacuum deposition method to produce film products containing silicon oxide coating layer.

In terms of improving the application function of plastic packaging materials, we have done a lot of work, including improving the function of general packaging materials and developing functional packaging materials, and have achieved gratifying results.

jar blowing machine

In terms of plastic function, the use of metallocene compound catalysts can greatly improve the strength of polyethylene, and then make the polyethylene film thinner, and achieve the application effect of the originally thicker polyethylene film.

Save the consumption of polyethylene materials, reduce the cost of packaging, reduce the amount of discarded plastic packaging materials, and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. Many operations have also been done in the production of plastic products.

In order to prevent the high-temperature film from being sealed in the customs, it is necessary to play the role of sealing.) The sealing mechanism plays the role of sealing. So it can wait for 180 ° C.

Because plastic is mainly on the outer packaging of the film, PE is sealed to make the film pressure resistant, soft and sealed. However, PE sound insulation material is used in multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine.

The development trend of PET bottles in China is a process of significantly increasing the number of models. PET bottle blowing machines, which are major industrial products in China, have been developed.

● After the bottle blowing machine can spray the liquid plastic, it can use the wind force from the machine to blow the plastic to a certain extent.

There are many kinds of bottle blowers. When we use them, we must pay attention to selecting the appropriate model for production.

At present, the PET automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturer has two series, one is the mechanical function machine model: A, B, C, O.

How can the World Cup bet on the intelligent strength of June 1? Now, the color of plastic pollution in China is gradually spreading, and the plastic pollution is increasingly serious. The world has seen this serious contrast, especially the injection needle mechanism of Blowing machine, which has already started in Qinghai Province.

The largest plastic city filling company in the world is in Asia, and the second coastal area, especially in Foshan, Guangdong Province. In recent years, the terrain is relatively high.

The recycling and degradation of plastic raw materials directly affect the processing of plastic products, and the fluctuation of plastic pollution color has a great impact on the plastic products factory. Zhangjiagang is partial to the rebirth of environmental protection materials, while the output value of plastic pollution products continues to grow in the domestic plastic market. Zhangjiagang is partial to the development of environmental protection materials industry, and also looks forward to cooperating with the sons of men at home and abroad.

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