Where is the future of Extrusion blowing machine industry?

The Blowing machine adopts multi-layer technology to produce products with good quality, high strength, stable performance and long service life. Where is the future of Extrusion blowing machine industry?

At present, there are more and more manufacturers of retractable doors on the market, but the quality of retractable doors is uneven. How to do it? This problem plagues many buyers and large friends,

If the injection molding machine wants to achieve multi-function normally, it is skillful. It can quickly purify processed materials and place them on the edge of the ceiling lamp. I hope all engineers can pick them up in time. Next, follow CIP Group.

From now on, electrohydraulic cost has become a hot spot in the power industry. It is changing the operation of mechanical equipment. If it has a very high electrohydraulic pressure, the electrohydraulic cost will be reduced, so it is necessary to follow its standard for the fully automatic dispenser. Place at room temperature.

Introduction to the principle of the injection molding machine Today, Xiaobian introduces the features of the double-line vest bag stretching high-speed injection molding machine: 1. The double-line vest bag (shopping bag) shaped track marker belt is not high enough, the phase is not enough, or the secondary stretching may not ensure the long journey of the goods. 2. The top line of the back may be a double-sided precision structure. Before the upper and lower molds are lifted, the two sides must be sharpened to help you select the type. 3. The positioning of the desktop parison includes uneven glue delivery and component interference line.

An important factor affecting the blowing efficiency of PET bottles is the solenoid valve, which not only affects the gap of the bottle mouth mold, but also makes it pay attention to the double of the upper two prongs when working. The former mainly depends on the bottle blowing. This situation is due to the delay or delay of the heat conduction mode, which results in the retention time of the melt. 5. When the outlet of chemical valve, it is often necessary to replace the air filter or other tools. 6. Electronic and electrical covers, such as metal, plastic, broken glass, etc.

Some bottle heads (bottle mouth and thread) have been formed; The second step is to manually place the tube blank on the honeycomb heater or the active circulating heating conveyor belt, and then move it to the bottle blowing machine for blowing with compressed air after heating and temperature regulation.

Type. The advantages of this method are that the equipment is relatively simple and the investment is relatively small; Regular mouth and excellent sealing function; The development speed of commodity types is fast, and the mold cost is relatively low. The defect is that the tube blank and blow molding are divided into steps.

The product is easy to be contaminated and it is difficult to ensure that the product has passed the bacterial test; The identity of goods is poor, and they are not used to mass production.

Tokyo relief printing company in Japan selected vacuum deposition method to produce PET film coated with silicon oxide coating on shoes. Japanese Japanese Japanese ink company also uses vacuum deposition method to produce film products containing silicon oxide coating layer.

semi automatic pet bottle blowing machine

In terms of improving the application function of plastic packaging materials, we have done a lot of work, including improving the function of general packaging materials and developing functional packaging materials, and have achieved gratifying results.

In terms of plastic function, the use of metallocene compound catalysts can greatly improve the strength of polyethylene, and then make the polyethylene film thinner, and achieve the application effect of the originally thicker polyethylene film.

Save the consumption of polyethylene materials, reduce the cost of packaging, reduce the amount of discarded plastic packaging materials, and reduce the pressure of environmental protection. Many operations have also been done in the production of plastic products.

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