What Sinco can do to fight against COVID-19?

Sinco follows WHO’s health regulations and contributes to the prevention and control of the COVID-19.

“Be SUPPORTIVE,Be CAREFUL,Be ALERT,Be KIND”Which is from a WHO poster. Each of us must follow these recommendations. One of the key recommendations from the World Health Organization to the international community is to wash hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or water and soap. Therefore the demand for disinfectants in PET bottles is also increasing. Sinco helps solve this shortage by supplying PET stretch blow molding machines to produce containers from 20ml to 20L at volumes up to 8,000bph.


PET bottles are one of the cheapest ways to deliver clean water to the most remote corners of the world. Their demand is now growing dramatically. The capacity varies between 200 ml and 40 liters.Sinco can help you choose the blowing machine that meets your needs, whether it’s for 2 liter bottles, 10 liter bottles or 5 gallon water cooled bottles.

PET Blowing Machine
We share with everyone who remains in strict isolation:
>>>Please follow government instructions.
>>>Stay home and stay safe.
>>>Wash your hands as often as possible.
>>>Wear a mask if you must go outside, and wash your hands and face immediately upon returning home.
Our full automatic blowing machine can blow a variety of PET bottles for Hand sanitizer and Disinfectant water. If you need our machine, please feel free to contact me Whatapp ID / Wechat at: 0086 159 5861 8989
Let’s take it seriously and do our best. We can beat this coronavirus and get back to normal life as soon as possible.


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