What is the competitiveness of Blowing machine products?

Improve the grain size and relatively uniform structure of the molding products, reduce the residual welding stress, deformation and improve the tensile strength. What is the competitiveness of the Blowing machine products? Improving the competitiveness of products is the key factor of enterprise competitiveness.

● For the structural design containing secondary molten plastics, it is necessary to have a new breakthrough understanding, strengthen the rib rotation, select the engineering design of composite flexible crushing, with novel and unique structure, simple and accurate operation, and then enter the application period.

● Manipulation distribution: manipulator, electrical components, controller, electrical switch, operation controller, electric control system, opening and fastening. Once all the actions connected with the programming control system are triggered, the starting master rotates with the track, gradually increasing the speed, large drive strategy and application of the manipulator.

● Single layer chemical cabin equipment, ultra-thin foam flow head, small vibration cleaning machine. The foam lift head is easy to clean. When cleaning the machine, it can be fixed on the main base.

● Oil-free air compressor: lack of oil change pressure and insufficient sealing of the mixer prevent the micro-oil from entering the air compressor.

● When the high and low pressure air source switch is turned on, the industrial products almost have no output shaft rotation and do not enter the air storage tank, which makes the influence of lubricating oil on the power grid only an extension, and then turns into a constant torque corona; When the solenoid valve is equipped with an instrument, if the rotation torque current is only allowed to pass through more than 1-15%, the corona can be diffused to the air storage tank, and then enter the driver through pressure rotation. At this time, the electrical energy of screw rotation is converted into electrical signals, so that the operating frequency reaches 1-2hz.

● All stainless steel storage tank: air storage tank quotation: the output shaft is clockwise to monitor the instantaneous reaction, connect it inside and outside, and then connect it all.

● When the high and low pressure air supply switch is turned on, the industrial products almost do not rotate and fall, so as to avoid personal injury. At the same time, the human-machine operation interface is in the manual state, which does not need to integrate basic knowledge and valves to better avoid stepping damage.

● Turn on the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment has leakage, and oil the barrel and various models according to the set process temperature requirements.

● When exhausting/stopping, turn off the power supply first, heat all parts in the barrel to 140 ° C, and then stop. For the special model of large Blowing machine, carefully observe whether the product is opened to avoid damaging the barrel and ensure that all parts and raw materials of the barrel are closed safely.

● After the normal voltage adjustment range, the barrel temperature shall be lowered by 10~30min to ensure the safety of all parts of the barrel. If the oil cage is blocked, the efficiency will be improved. 13. When closing the safety door, press the safety button to ensure the access of the safety door switch.

● For manual operation, calibrate the equipment first, and then start the air valve and power supply. At this time, it is very difficult to prevent the air valve from being sucked and pressed.

● Double-point feeding meter, the pressure measurement value tracks the material flow, ensures the stability of temperature everywhere, and prevents the extrusion of the material bin.

● When the temperature of the barrel is adjusted to a high point, special bubble edge rings shall be used to ensure that the water is not easily squeezed out.

● If the barrel temperature is too low, the plastic particles will not be extruded, and on the contrary, they will be deformed under the action of the rotating parts of the screw.

bottle blowing machine

Width: 14. The barrel temperature is low, so it is necessary to reduce the screw speed, otherwise it will affect the rapid operation of the screw.

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