What is the competitiveness of Blowing machine products?

China’s injection molding machines have made considerable progress from scratch, from small to large, from single variety to multiple varieties. Especially since the reform and opening up, what is the competitiveness of Blowing machine products? These include small consumer goods, food packaging, tool products and various industries in other industrial machinery industries.

After decades of development, plastic products have been occupied by the original two industrial bases. Generally speaking, the main advantage of importing second-hand injection molding machine equipment suppliers is to sell high-speed injection molding machines and injection molding machine manipulators, and the high yield is rapid injection molding machine equipment.

After decades of development, plastic products have been continuously improved, and the concept of green energy conservation has been increasingly valued by the market. The wide range of plastic prices in the market makes it possible to become a very high-end packaging pressure.

The rapid development of the plastic industry has brought us unlimited imagination for the future. In 2015, China’s plastic mold industry held an exhibition at the same time as 2015. The exhibition is expected to attract professional buyers at home and abroad to purchase, and the market scale is gradually expanding.

2017 – The 16th Guangzhou International Plastic Exhibition will be held with the third quarter exhibition in Foshan on the 3rd. The exhibits cover: injection molding machines, extruders, Blowing machines, plastic injection molding machines, granulators, molding machines, calenders, rubber molding machines, film blowing machines, foaming equipment, film coating machines, Blowing machines, granulators, rubber equipment, packaging machinery, testing and testing equipment, etc.

The 2017 – 2022 Guangzhou International Plastic Exhibition will be held from February 16 to 18 in the 22nd session. The exhibition covers: plastic and rubber applications, rubber products applications, tire products, pump spare parts, electrical components, modules, instruments and other industries, and the exhibition covers: various types of preparation: automatic mold release, automatic screen changer, container, thickener, automatic control conversion function, flow line, manipulator, drying, cooling, leaching automation, etc.

The exhibits cover: biodegradable materials, water vapor testing, temperature control, biodegradable materials, color masterbatch, high-end biodegradable materials, blend materials, additives, pigment color matching materials, chemical raw materials, thermal stability materials, etc.

The tensile machine shall be selected according to the cooling load and the standardization standard, and the type IV growth thermocouple, VSE-009mm for short. Introduce its manufacturing function.

Extrusion blowing machine

It is applied to various kinds of chromium equipment, plastic pipes, optical equipment, amorphous grinding equipment, etc. It is an ideal filling equipment for industrial applications of health care, food, solid, forging and forming equipment.

Process measurement and detection refer to the necessary basic data of thermosetting fiber polymers and modifiers. According to the different forming methods, it can be divided into various types of profiles, such as online section, online body, mold cavity, mouth mold, porous section, etc.

Bag-making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is various plastic or other material packaging bags with different sizes, thickness and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic packaging is used.

Specializing in the production of supermarket vest bag making machine manufacturers, computer heat-sealing and hot-cutting bag making machines, CNC step machines, ultrasonic die-cutting machines, pulse die-cutting machines, coating machines, full-page cutting machines, detection systems, special die-cutting machines.

Bag machine manufacturers supply and sell PE plastic bag making machine, plastic bag making machine, vest bag making machine, flat bag making machine, glove machine, pet bag making machine.

The company is specialized in producing PE plastic bag making machine, non-woven fabric bag making machine and PVC clothing bag making machine.

Various specifications of plastic bag (concave-convex JSJ-150 ° C) non-woven bag making machine, polypropylene plastic bag making machine.

● 45 ° C~50 ° C (same high and low density) non-woven bag three-phase ● 90 ° C~120 ° C (low pressure PE).

We maintain the high quality of our products, and constantly introduce the old and bring forth the new, to create a high value for our customers.

● The C temperature control system has accurate measurement and is highly automated for unmanned motors, 110 ° C to 120 ° C (other forms of hydraulic electric motors are optional).

Melt-blown cloth extruder, barrel and screw are made of high-quality alloy steel, which has the best hardness and corrosion resistance after nitriding and precision processing.

We use the silica gel developed by high performance hot melt adhesive spraying as the hot melt adhesive spraying equipment. Whether other plastic particles have softened and are easy to use.

Liquid silica gel (LSR) melts solid rubber and is oil resistant, so it is not easy to age.

● C temperature control system uses melt-blown cloth trough as heating device, which is isolated from the surface of solid materials.

The hydraulic system adopts proportional hydraulic control and is equipped with imported famous brand oil grinding hydraulic components, which is stable and reliable.

This machine can produce printing, natural color and vest bags with HDPE and LDPE film as raw materials. It adopts PLC control, double servo (stepping) motor fixed length, LCD touch screen real-time display, and can complete feeding, sealing, cutting, punching and conveying at one time, with high automation and good economic benefits.

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