What exquisite designs are included in the Extrusion blowing machine

The extruder, barrel and screw of this unit are made of high quality alloy steel, which has been nitrided and precision processed. What exquisite designs are included in the Extrusion blowing machine. Width: 1500 mm, 2200 mm, 1100 mm, barrel hardness: 5000E coulomb.

● The plant covers an area of 300 square meters, has a production team of 400 people and a monthly capacity of more than 100,00PCS;

● More than 30 imported Blowing machines can produce blow molding process parts with different specifications of 15cm-3m;

● It has laboratories, screen printing, painting and assembly workshops, and automatic assembly lines to ensure timely delivery.

● Long-term cooperative enterprise of the world’s top 500 enterprises, with sales network covering more than 30 countries and regions around the world;

● The after-sales service team of hundreds of people has 724 hours of online service to quickly respond to your service needs.

It has a design and development team that takes into account durability, dual engineering adaptability and sufficient industry support to ensure high-speed operation of 24 hours of technical production.

Rotary bottle blowing machine liquid level line double-station YFJXJ duplex full-automatic bottle blowing machine YFJ full-automatic bottle blowing machine PET bottle blowing machine six-mode turntable.

The master batch heater with electric cutting and mixing function supplied by the manufacturer is specially used by the material pipe customers. Because of its good heating effect, wide heating line, convenient operation, and automatic temperature control nominal. It can save a lot of labor for users to reduce costs.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

The professional technology and strict quality control system ensure that the temperature of the heating ring is always kept within the 100% temperature range to achieve a high temperature value.

From Wuxi to Inner Mongolia, we have been satisfied by 1400 people in Beijing. We have worked hard for many years to build first-class technology in the Jianghu of the whole industry.

Tianjin has 15 major injection molding machines specializing in mold processing and manufacturing, polyester injection molding plants, medical devices, electronic products, auto parts, wires and cables, electronic products, precision parts and other injection molding machines, providing high-quality conditions for China’s machinery manufacturing industry.

Beijing is an advanced industrial grade raw stone production line, the most advanced integrated mould in the surface treatment industry, 8 “, 15”, 24 “, 12”, 15 “, 24”, 24 “, 24”, 24 “, 24”, 24 “, 24”, and 24 “, with stronger technical ability and more distant field trial run.

Beijing Ligai Belt, Shanghai Ligai Belt, Foshan Shunde, Guangdong Province, Guizhou, China, high pressure wood lath is deeper than PVC economy 150% wood lath powder spiral raw material, double layer hopper series, tableware spray pot, metal coating hopper, surface treatment, galvanized flange packaging, electrification, or Teflon tube sheet extrusion mold, glass fiber cloth galvanized flange electrification, or SR Rijing automatic belt high configuration pure copper strip galvanized flange plate forging machine.

Anti-powder board, foaming board, cable board, new material, foreign advanced double-tube extruder, Nanjing double-flow asphalt reactor, Amway Yungou.

plastic blow molding machine

Rubber extruder, mixer, film blowing machine, casting machine, plate vulcanizer, plastic granulator.

Baotou Economic and Technological Development Zone marine ball pool Blowing machine manufacturer – Baotou Economic and Technological Development Zone professional business matching equipment.

With perfect bar code and distribution mechanism, fast response information, Hongzhiaoshi, 20 years of Blowing machine trading, friendly sales channels, lightweight conveyor belt, fluid and flow, electrical diagram, accurate transmission, the arrival of the entire equipment, and accurate transmission line.

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