What are the technical requirements for the production of plastic bottle blowing machines

What are the technical requirements for the production of plastic bottle blowing machines? A bottle blowing machine is a machine that can blow plastic particles (softened into liquid) or prepared bottle embryos into bottles through certain technological means.

The high-pressure solenoid valve cannot be effectively closed, resulting in high-pressure gas leakage. We will analyze and explain this issue for everyone.

The electromagnetic valve cannot be effectively closed, resulting in high-pressure gas leakage. The reason is that there are foreign objects stuck at the sealing ring inside the high-pressure solenoid valve, mostly plastic fragments.

● Upper and lower limit alarm for stretching sealing. The reason is that the low-pressure air pressure is not enough, the two position five way solenoid valves are not sensitive, and the relay is damaged.

Poor mold exhaust is related to the quality of normal molds. The reason is that the exhaust port on the stretching seal has not been opened, which may damage the mold at this time. The reason is that the tail valve is sagging, causing damage to the mold cavity.

Blow Molding Machine

The temperature at the bottom of the bottle blowing machine mold is too high, resulting in insufficient decoration and clamping pressure of the mold, as well as long injection time, forming a combined external pattern. At this point, if some plastics do not achieve the desired styling effect, they often experience excessive cooling and sometimes excessive water flow.

Insufficient pressure in the sealing cylinder. If the overcurrent is checked, check whether the valve core pole line of the pump is vibrating. If the overcurrent is normal, it can be adjusted to manual mode or manual mode can be used. If the operation is not in accordance with the specified requirements, open the nitrogen buffer valve of the operating valve at this time to see if the pump is in a safe state. If it does not operate according to conventional requirements, the above can be completely avoided.

Close the glue injection cylinder. When opening the compressor switch, slow action should be taken to prevent dust from entering the compressor valve, while also opening the exhaust valve.

Manually place electronic components in storage to avoid pouring special materials, cleaning, and sealing materials.

Regularly check whether the temperature control is in good condition and whether the heating appliances are in good condition. If the voltage is too fast, it should be checked in a timely manner.

Check if the control system is in good condition. Check if the operating frequency, temperature rise, accuracy, noise, and mechanical transmission of the computer meet the standards. If they are normal, improve the effectiveness of the winding.

Adjust various transmission methods according to process requirements, such as pump and automatic speed regulation, automatic brake linkage, wrench, etc.

Air circuit design: It can be executed normally by adjusting the action time and can absorb the transmission ratio between the metal spring cams at both ends of the bridge.

When using plastic products, there are no more containers than containers. The plastic used should have sufficient stress, otherwise vulnerable items, etc< eod>。

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