What are the characteristics of Blowing machines

What industries are thick-film blisters mainly applicable to? Generally speaking, thick-film blisters mainly use plastic materials as raw materials, and molds as auxiliary materials. What are the characteristics of Blowing machines? Next, let’s introduce Weifang Yunlong mechanical pallet machine manufacturer.

● For internal lubrication, it is forbidden to damage the non-lubricated feeding device and solenoid valve, otherwise the equipment will be seriously damaged.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

● The strength and toughness of plastic injection molding machine mold. The thermal expansion structure of the mold makes the surface of the mold and the mold adhere closely, and the mold cavity macromolecules can be well embedded.

● When designing the full-automatic plastic suction machine, the large change in wall thickness of the mold shifting cylinder should be considered, especially for the complicated installation of the work position, the gas-liquid pressure should be appropriate, and the pressure of the plastic suction machine should be relatively low.

● In special cases, ladder-like material is selected. If there is a heating box for the material, the material weight is less than 500g/forming mold: when the hopper changes the mold, it should be selected for the heating control counter. After the upper die of the hopper is cut, it is connected to the material discharged from the lower die for cutting off the changed die.

● Mold closing: part of the casting must be exposed, such as stroke length and speed, minimum working current voltage=150 voltage, minimum frequency 50=25V.

Our products are all automated and have the advantages of low investment cost, convenient operation, simple maintenance and safety.

Junkang Blowing machine for the ventilation pipe is mainly used to produce polyethylene automobile ventilation pipe. The ventilation pipe produced by the blow-molding process can also have special links, so it is more flexible in the use process. After 88 days of cooperation with the Henan ventilation pipe blow molding owner, the delivery was completed. After 2 years of blow molding production, Junkang’s set of automobile ventilation pipe Blowing machine has reached a high yield stage.

Qingdao Junkang, the manufacturer of automatic tool box Blowing machine, designed and produced tool box Blowing machine for Sichuan tool box manufacturer, is a tool box Blowing machine with ABS as the production material. The design of supercharging cylinder makes the wall thickness control more uniform, and the aluminum film design has high heat transfer efficiency. Different types of tool box Blowing machines are designed and produced according to the needs of the owner.

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