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Manufacture Perfect Plastic Bottle with Sinco Plastic Bottle Making Machine

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This serious water bottle making machines is suitable for produce small volume PET bottles with large productivity, equipment Servo system with high speed and high precision

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 20ml—2000ml
  • Production Capacity: 2,000-10,000BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This serious water bottle making machines  is special for produce big volume PET bottles 3–20 liters with automatic preform loading and servo system, more power saving.

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 5-10-20 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind water bottle making machines is designed for make wide neck jar 50mm —120mm for honey,candy bottles or PET jar.

  • Suitable for Wide Neck Bottle Volume: 100ml–5 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 30-40 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind of water bottle making machines is manual operated, workers load preform, take out preform and put into blower by hand, the speed base on the experiences of workers.

  • Suitable for Bottle Volume: 100ml–5 liter–10 liter
  • Production Capacity: 700-1,500BPH
  • Delivery Time: 20–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind of water bottle making machines is designed with 4 cavity for bottle 50ml to 1500ml, its middle speed with very costly price.

  • Suitable Bottle Volume: 50ml–1500ml
  • Production Capacity: 1,500-2,000BPH
  • Delivery Time: 25–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

This kind of blowing machine is designed for make PET 5 gallon bottles, it equipment with inner heater to heat the preform average to ensure high quality gallon.

  • Suitable for 3–5 gallon PET bottle, 10-20 liter.
  • Production Capacity: 60-120BPH
  • Delivery Time: 25–30 days
  • Payment Term: T/T or L/C

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Sinco, Your Best Water Bottle Making Machine Manufacturer in China

We engaged in manufacture the high quality Water Bottle Making Machine for you in factory price. Our bottle making machine designed with high output with working stable, and power saving.

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develop PET blowing machine

Sinco, the professional Water Bottle Making Machine for Bottle Manufacturer in China

As a leading water bottle making machine manufacturer and supplier in China from 2000, Sinco will be your best partner to set up your drinking water, mineral water, pure water project. We can design and supply your complete line machines and service from water purified machines, preform making machines and bottle making machines and filling lines. Our water bottle making machine can produce your water bottles from 1 liter to 20 liters. We supply water bottle making machines in a very reasonable price base on mass production. There are 100 skilled workers and 20 technicians in Sinco machinery factory to design and manufacturer bottle making machines for you.
All Sinco water bottle making machine has passed the certificate of ISO and CE, we will check and test each machines before delivery, to make them in good condition. Sinco machinery has a strong and reasonable design, and the adopt of servo driving system ensure the high speed and high productivity, running smoothly and stability during your water bottle making. Sinco machines have a wide range production output for your choose from 2000 to 10,000 bottles per hour. And the volume made out of Sinco bottle making machine can be from 50ml to 2000ml, from 3 liter to 20 liters.
Sinco engineer has made the small PET preform distance on our heating system of our bottle making machine, which can save electricity consumption on the oven more than 30%. Power saving is one advantage of our machine, sinco machinery also is very easy to operate, your workers just touch the screen of PLC, then can control and start all the process of bottle making.

Not only make quality bottle making machine, Sinco also supply yor fully support for your after sales any request. Easy broken parts spare parts will be send with Sinco machinery for your use one to two years. If your need, we can also send engineer to your factory to install the water bottle making machine, and check your other machines, such as preform making machine, bottle cap making machine, filling machine. So why not call us now for getting a quick response of our bet price.

water bottle making machine 
This article will give you a detailed introduction to our mineral water bottle making machine and provide evidence for your choice of our machine.

It is divided into the following 10 parts:

  1. machine price
  2. machine selection
  3. Application
  4. production process
  5. Preparation work
  6. machine advantages
  7. how to buy, after-sales
  8. machine failure analysis and related solutions
  9. how to replace molds
  10. maintenance measures.

Workshop of Sinco blow molding machine

A brief introduction
First and foremost, let’s make a definition.
Water bottle making machine is naturally the theme of carrying liquid, such as our beverages and mineral water. The production method basically uses “hollow blow molding” to form hollow products with the help of gas pressure. This is also a fast-developing production method nowadays. Among them, a mold is used. Compared with injection molding, the price advantage will be particularly prominent.
The equipment is low in price, fast in development, and highly adaptable, and it can also make complex water bottles.
Below we focus on the price of mineral water bottle making machine
A mineral water bottle is composed of two aspects, one is the body and the other is the cap. The machine that makes the bottle body is a blow molding machine, and the one that makes the bottle cap is an injection molding machine. The price of the former ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, from domestic to export machines, while the latter requires 60,000 to 100,000 for domestically produced machines. The price gap is so large, so it is necessary to be very careful about the choice of machines. (We will introduce you in detail in the following modules)

filling machine bottle

And the volume of the mineral water bottle is much smaller than that of the large plastic bottle, but the usage is really large. But we have known that when a mineral water bottle making machine uses the hollow blow molding, the price of machine will not very high, and in the same time, our quality of the water bottle, there will be a very effective guarantee.
In the water bottle blowing machine, there are many options
1. Choose from output and efficiency
The production quality and efficiency of the mineral water bottle making machine are two points that need to be paid attention to. The higher the output, however, does not necessarily mean the better the machine. It is still necessary to pay attention to whether the quality of the products it produces meets the standard. Secondly, pay attention to whether the operation of the machine is stable and consumes electricity during the manufacturing process of the mineral water bottle. The high or low rate, as well as the length of service life, are worth noting and identifying.
2. Choose from the perspective of environmental protection
Customers need to think about whether some of the current machinery and equipment can achieve a high utilization rate of multiple resources. The choice from this perspective will actually have a great impact. If there is a secondary waste, then the customer needs to build it again. Waste treatment on the site, increased financial expenditure, and even the rate of return cannot fill this loophole, and the treatment of water and electricity requires money again. But if this equipment can be environmentally friendly, it can save a lot of trouble.
3. Whether to choose a fully automatic machine
Many factories now choose the operation mode of fully automated machines for making mineral water bottles, because this choice can greatly save manpower, and only a few people can make the equipment run perfectly; and the error rate of fully automatic machines It is also very low and can produce high-quality mineral water bottles.
4. Consider whether the operation is simple
Because you choose simple-to-operate equipment and machines to make mineral water bottles, all the operations of the equipment are started with one-click, and you don’t need to perform various debugging before each startup. The debugging work is already set when the equipment is installed, saving time It also saves money and speeds up product production.
5. Choose from whether there is a protection device
Because the mineral water bottle making machine is equipped with a variety of protective devices, it can avoid the impact of sudden situations on the equipment, reduce damage, and can quickly solve the sudden situation and quickly enter the next production process.
6. Choose from whether there is after-sales service
As for whether a production machine is equipped with good after-sales service, it also represents the integrity of the company’s products. Having a good and perfect after-sales service can also solve many problems and create a good reputation. For this, you can refer to the mineral water bottle maker we sell.
such as one liter water bottle making machine, two liters, five liters, ten liters, fifteen liters and 20 liters. The 1-liter water bottle blowing machine is mainly suitable for small bottles of edible oil, large bottles of water, carbonated beverages, etc. One liter of product can be used up in a short time, so that beverages or edible oils can be kept fresh while keeping the price. Therefore, the demand for 1L plastic bottles is also increasing.
The 20-liter water bottle blowing machine is mainly used for 18.9L bottled water, large-capacity edible oil drums, etc. These items are characterized by being able to be stacked or quickly dispensed, and compared with one liter or five liters, the price advantage is also Will be more obvious.


20 liters water bottle blow molding machine price

  1. The current market prices of 20-liter water bottleblow molding machine are as follows:
  2. 20L semi-automatic water bottle blowing machine price: 55,000-60,000 yuan
  3. 20L automaticwater bottle blow molding machine price:
  4. One full automatic 20L water bottle blowing machine: 350,000-480,000
  5. One out two automatic 20L water bottle blowing machine: 600-65 million
  6. High-speed full-servo one-out two-automatic 20Lwaterbottle blowing machine: 85-1 million

1 liter water bottle blow molding machine price

  • 1 liter semi-automatic bottle blowing machine price: 25,000-30,000
  • 1 liter two-cavity automatic bottle blowing machine price: 140,000-150,000
  • The price of a 1 liter four-cavity automatic bottle blowing machine is around 220,000-230,000

Working principle and technological process of mineral water bottle making machine
1. Preparation stage
Whether the raw materials for making mineral water bottles are qualified, such as some obvious features observed with the naked eye (whether the color changes, whether the color is uniform), and some tastes are changed, this is a very important step.
2. Warm-up phase
After the preform is irradiated by an infrared high-temperature lamp, it is heated and softened. In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the bottle mouth does not need to be heated, so a cooling device is also required for proper cooling operation.
3. The forming stage of mineral water bottle
The raw material is continuously squeezed, deformed, and mixed into the preform in the machine. In this process, the thickness of the wall of the mineral water bottle will also be affected, so you must always pay attention to the parameters.
4. Pre-blowing stage
In order to improve the uniformity of the thickness of the wall of the mineral water bottle, and to avoid contact with the inner surface of the parison, a pre-blowing stage is carried out. Therefore, at this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the pre-blowing time, pressure and other issues.
5. High pressure blowing stage
Use high-pressure inflated parison to reach the final product. At this stage, the parison will be deformed and inflated, but it will also change the surface uniformity and transparency of the parison and the final product, so this step is also important for its comprehensive performance. One of the inspection criteria.
Preparation work
(Refer to blow molding machine)

4 Cavity Full automatic juice bottle blowing machine in Japan

  1. The materials used in extrusion blow molding should meet the required drying requirements, and further drying is required if necessary.
  2. According to the product type and size, select the specifications of the machine head, and install the machine head flange, mold body, mold, porous plate, and filter in the following order.
  3. Connect the compressed air pipe, install the core mold electric heating rod and the head heating ring.Check and open the water supply system. Adjust the gap of each part of the mold to be uniform, and check whether the center line of the main machine and the auxiliary machine are aligned.
  4. Start operating equipment such as extruder, die clamp device, manipulator, etc., perform no-load operation, check whether each safety emergency device is operating normally, and troubleshoot in time.
  5. According to the requirements of the process conditions, set the temperature of the extruder head and each heating section, and heat it section by section, and use waste to check the integrity of each heating section to check whether there is heating; wait until the temperature of each part reaches After setting the temperature, the temperature remains constant for 0.5~1h.
  6. On the programmable controller, set the wall thickness of each point according to the process regulations.
  7. Generally, the outer layer should be opened first to prevent the material from flowing back from the outer layer due to excessive pressure after opening the inner layer. The frequency of the feed flow is gradually increased from small to large to prevent the opening frequency from being too large, causing the screw and the screw to be tightened due to the low temperature.

6 Cavity Full automatic alcohol bottle blowing machine in Korea

Merits and Characteristics
Of course, when we mention our mineral water bottle making machine, we still need to mention its features and advantages.
Lower prices and electricity costs, simpler operation and maintenance systems, and while ensuring quality and accuracy, this machine also has faster operating speed and stability. The most important point is that our materials are more Environmental protection, machines will be safer. We must protect the earth and protect the environment and resources, so we will also provide free mold design, and will also conduct related tests and strict inspections before sending it to the orthopedics department to avoid subsequent waste of raw materials.
In addition, due to the limitation of land resources, our production projects will be closer and closer to residential or commercial areas, so our water bottle manufacturing machines will also ensure that they work at high speeds with lower noise.

How to buy our mineral water bottle machine

  1. Please inform us of your requirementsof the mineral water bottleso that we have a full understanding of your expected products
  2. Determine the sample for the mutual relationship between customer expectations and reality
  3. We will sign the relevant contract with the customer, including the payment process. After we receive your 30% advance payment, we will design the sample. The sample design is completed in one or two months.
  4. For the completed sample, first start the video observation with the customer to observe whether it needs to be changed; then the completed sample will be mailed to the customer by courier.
  5. Wait for the customer to confirm whether the sample meets expectations, such as the thickness of the wall of the mineral water bottle; if it does not meet the requirements, we will take corresponding modifications and adjustments; after waiting for the requirements to be met, the customer will credit the remaining 70% of the payment to the company account.
  6. After the company receives the remaining payment, it will check the equipment, and then ship the equipment out and wait for the customer to receive the goods.
  7. After the customer confirms the product and machine, the purchase can be completed.

After sale
We will divide the after-sale into the following parts: installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service

Sinco Factory

  1. Our engineers will go to the customer’s designated location to install the water bottle making machine to ensure the integrity of the machine and its parts. (Of course, if you are not convenient, we will provide detailed installation videos and remote video guidance installation. In addition, we also provide free English manuals and free spare parts to provide you with more convenience.)
  2. Our engineers and testers will debug, compare and simulate the related machines to ensure that the machines can operate smoothly.
  3. We will have a special trainer on site to communicate face-to-face on the operation of the machine and some places that need attention, and will also train the employees who need to operate the machine to ensure that subsequent production can proceed as usual.
  4. In terms of machine parts selection, we choose parts from world-renowned brands so that customers can easily find spare parts without worrying about quality issues.
  5. For the water bottle manufacturing machines we sell, what we promise is a three-year warranty and two-year free accessories (included in the three-year warranty). In the first year, we send fragile parts; after one year, we can send them immediately by courier.
  6. The online after-sales call is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that you can consult at any time without waiting for the arrival of the working day!
  7. If the customer needs, the customer can also send staff or engineers to our company for further relevant technical learning.

Failure analysis
We will provide you with some typical failure analysis to make your water bottle manufacturing machine work better.
Problem: The bottom of the mineral water bottle is uneven.
Reason: The number of vent holes at the bottom of the mold is not enough, resulting in uneven heating;
It is the design problem of the mold used, such as quality problems, or the end of service life.
Solution: Increase the vent hole at the bottom of the mold, and replace the mold with better quality and longer service life.
Problem: The bottom of the mineral water bottle is uneven
Reason: The design of the stretch rod is not very reasonable, so that it cannot fit the shape of the bottom of the preform, or the stretch rod fails to touch the bottom
Solution: Replace the stretch rod, or adjust the length of the stretch rod so that it can reach the bottom of the bottle.
Problem: The bottom of the bottle is not formed
Reason: The blowing pressure is insufficient or the blowing time is too short, so that the bottom of the mineral water bottle is not sufficiently heated.
Solution: Increase the time of the last high-pressure blowing at the bottom of the bottle.
Problem: The bottom of the bottle is not perfectly formed
Reason: The original mold design of the mineral water bottle was defective
Solution: replace the mold again or improve the defect
Problem: Material accumulation at the bottom of the mineral water bottle
Reason: The stretch rod is not adjusted in place and it does not touch the bottom of the bottle
Solution: The stretch ratio between the preform and the bottle body is preferably 1:2.5 (excluding the mouth part), while adjusting the temperature during heating, and then extending the pre-blowing time

Problem: The mouth of the mineral water bottle is deformed
Reason: During the heating process of the preform, the temperature continuously accumulates, and the mouth of the bottle bulges and deforms
Solution: Increase the air cooling or water cooling to the bottle mouth, and it is best to keep the ambient temperature of the workshop at room temperature.
Problem: The mineral water bottle bursts
Reason: The bottom of the bottle is too thin due to the high production temperature, or the blowing time is too short
Solution: adjust the temperature of the bottom of the bottle, lengthen the delay blowing time, slowly increase the temperature, and blow slowly to avoid over-rush.
Problem: The bottom of the mineral water bottle is wrinkled
Reason: The external crease blowing pressure is not enough, or there is a time delay
Solution: Ensure that the timing of the machine on the mold is consistent and consistent, and the end of the preform should not be overheated.
Problem: There is a large gap at the bottom of the mineral water bottle
Reason: Exceeding the natural stretch limit
Solution: Strengthen heat dissipation to the bottom of the bottle and ensure the normal circulation of mold cooling water

How to change the mold
Prerequisite: Stop the machine.
First: Open the safety door and remove the two cooling water pipes on the bottom mold
Use an Allen wrench to loosen the two screws that fasten the bottom mold. When opening the mold, push the mold with your left hand and hold the bottom mold with your right hand. Rotate counterclockwise to lift the bottom mold and place it in the corresponding mold box.
Second: Use your left hand to hold the blowing cylinder and use your right hand to remove the limit pin and put it in a safe position, and replace the corresponding limit pin, and put the newly replaced limit pin back into the mold box
Note: The first step and the second step cannot be changed to prevent the blow nozzle from hitting the bottom mold
Third: Install the bottom mold again. Note: number, capacity, direction. Disassemble the left and right molds. The pressure plate of the left mold must be completely removed before the left mold can be unloaded, and the pressure plate of the right mold is loosened and opened to the right to remove the right mold. Then replace it according to the corresponding number.
Fourth: Replace the bottom mold. Check whether the number corresponds to the bottom mold, and then unplug the air pipe after confirming whether the bottom mold is placed, and then connect the water pipe to close the mold.
Fifth: double check

  1. 1.Confirm that the limit pin is correct
  2. 2.Confirm that the bottom mold and the water pipe are installed correctly
  3. 3.Open the mold to confirm whether the screws are tightened, and the left and right mold numbers are correct
  4. 4.Perform maintenance and add oil,
  5. 5. Ensure that the clamping pin is flexible.

Maintenance work
1) Neatness: All machines need to be discharged neatly after use, with complete safety protection devices; complete lines and pipelines.
2) Clearing: clean the inside and outside of the equipment; all sliding surfaces and lead screws, gears, racks, etc. are free of oil and bumps; the production of raw materials is safe and regularly checked.
3) Lubrication: add oil and change oil on time to ensure smooth operation of the machine.
4) Safety: Be familiar with the equipment structure and follow the operating procedures, and arrange the equipment maintenance work reasonably. According to the time, it can be divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance.
In addition, the cooling equipment of the mineral water bottle making machine should be carefully inspected, and the key equipment should not be disassembled during routine maintenance.
If an abnormal phenomenon is found during the operation of the equipment, it must be operated in strict accordance with the processing range specified in the equipment instruction manual, and the equipment shall not be used with excessive specifications, excessive weight, or excessive pressure. Precision equipment is only allowed to be processed for its direct use. The lubricating oil, wiping material and cleaning agent of the equipment must be used in strict accordance with the instructions and cannot be replaced at will. A protective cover should be added during non-working hours.

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