Under the upgrading of consumption, which categories of Blowing machine industry are most popular

However, injection-blow molding is not suitable for consuming large and complex containers, and because two sets of injection and blow molding molds are used, the equipment investment is large. Under the upgrading of consumption, which categories of Blowing machine industry are most popular?

The materials used in the Blowing machine and the bottle blowing machine are filled with equipment. After removing the theoretical hot head plastic and starting to be cooled by air for several months, relevant equipment is required to check the solenoid valve of the Blowing machine, which is conducive to the development of the bottle blowing machine.

● High-pressure clamping of the Blowing machine is used to place the plastic profile coil on the wind ring. Under the action of the wind ring, the plastic raw material will be softened, and after the expansion, it will be cooled and shaped, and then evenly and cooled.

● Auxiliary equipment of Blowing machine: place the mold in each operating machine, which is to comprehensively polish, die cut, check, trim and straighten the plastic products and their cavities, check the parallelism curve of various plastics, longitudinal stretch, G-shaped sharp top, move back, drag and adjust, and process the finished products after cutting.

● In order to reduce the labor intensity of personnel, the PLC control system of plastic equipment automatically compensates according to the computer temperature feedback and automatically saves the product profile.

● Each action is driven by air cylinder without oil pump, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise; High pressure and double arm connecting rod are used for mold locking, with strong mold locking force.

plastic bottle blowing machine

● The operator should be familiar with the molding and processing performance of plastic materials. Too high barrel temperature and mold locking pressure may easily cause air leakage at the sealing machine.

● Operators shall wear safety gloves, and prevent and clean machine parts to prevent screw leakage in the barrel.

● Before running the machine, raise the barrel temperature to 90% to avoid the friction heat loss between the screw and the barrel.

● When starting the machine, start the motor first and delay the starting for 30s to prevent the plastic from damaging the machine under high temperature and high pressure.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

● It is forbidden to turn the machine without material. When the barrel, tee and die head fail to reach the required temperature, the main machine cannot be started.

● The main machine of the film blowing machine should be kept clean to prevent friction and static electricity. The mold head should be installed for demoulding. It is strictly prohibited to use the film outside the motor.

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