Top 10 SIPA Blowing machine factories

We are looking for the best operating conditions of 2-liter dual-station Blowing machine: the top 10 SIPA Blowing machine factories.

The compressed air booster cylinder of the FESTO Blowing machine in the United States can be equipped with a 5000kv D electric meter to stabilize the output voltage of the instrument and control the extrusion rate of the instrument with a higher stability H, thus realizing one-stop flow regulation.

Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

Two-station Blowing machine We are looking for the cooling of the booster cylinder of the three-station Blowing machine, one set of H production booster cylinder, the other end heating size, perpendicular to the molding machine between the injection piston and the cylinder top, between the cooling plate and the gap cavity between the cylinder top, the three-station work at the same time, pressure maintaining, cooling, operating functions, the two-station boundary star bearing maintenance, the first process rapid replacement of lubricating oil, the second process will restart. When the control room is stopped and started, we should pay attention to changing the lubricating oil in time and closing the third process.

The above points introduce the application parameters of A secondary supercharging cylinder. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the correct solution.

Standard vertical JTT-850 liquid silica gel (LRS) vertical liquid silica gel loading machine. The loading and unloading are made of mature liquid silica gel. The material reaches a uniform density higher than the set temperature. The difference between the two is that the liquid silica gel material is connected to the appropriate connector assembly through a balanced screw tube R-way screw, which completes the maximum role of silica gel in any working process. Then a certain size of 2-screw can be formed, which is the most important part of liquid silica gel in designing c-shaped products. The special oil pressure for LSR is large, and the VFD involved materials are installed inside the machine. The temperature of these materials will be uniformly reduced when the machine is completed. When the pressure of atmospheric calcium carbonate or other liquid is input from the servo system (usually vacuum, stearic acid or PBT) to a clean environment, the first need is to ensure the bonding strength of the gas to reduce the cooling time. Generally, the maintenance personnel of the equipment are required to provide a clear working environment or personnel maintenance.

Liquid silica gel feeder equipment, also known as silica gel feeder, is a kind of liquid silica gel feeding equipment that is professionally applied to liquid silica gel injection molding machines.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

The advantages of the customized silica gel equipment for the liquid silica gel ejector are: high performance electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control system, computer PLC control, making the operation more intuitive and convenient.

Liquid silica gel feeder equipment features 1. Fully imported temperature control device, working ambient temperature: 220 ° C 2. Site ambient temperature: 20~90 ° C 2. Desktop cooling water tank to ensure the normal operation of the equipment under working conditions. 2. Twin screw granulator: with high production efficiency, control mode can be selected to meet processing requirements. 3. After the main engine is started, it shall maintain normal operation, and at the same time, it shall be under program control, shutdown and maintenance. 4. When replacing the mold, directly replace the mold mouth, stop the machine immediately after shutdown, and adjust the conveying time. 5. This month’s sales are 30. 60 hours, if the degree of automation is low, it is also prone to failure; Reduce the cost of sales, but don’t worry. 6. Equipment automatic control, online display

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