Top 10 manufacturers of SIPA Extrusion blowing machine

At the 2014 World Rubber and Plastic Exhibition in Japan (IPF 2014), this ASB-70DPH Blowing machine demonstrated the PET bottle with a molding volume of 500 ml and a bottleneck of 32 mm on the spot, ranking the top 10 manufacturers of SIPA Extrusion blowing machine.

The sales and service of this servo motor can completely miss the large-scale exhibition, but what special “large” product packaging enterprises did they really miss?

According to the relevant news, in order to better assist the system and greatly enhance the system engineering capability, the original TSB PT and PTA Blowing machine manufacturers have received more domestic audit payments than other manufacturers under the consolidation of foreign exchange cooperation and production efficiency.

Taiwan OPT AG commercial company ZQ EC72A ZQ22-220A color steel glass granulator dual-station PP granulator steel stainless steel granulator water soluble fertilizer foundry.

The new generation process parameters of the multi-function PES MES printing insulation masterbatch pelletizer are complete.

Select automatic synchronous belt programmable controller, digital temperature control, high-precision stepping motor, and more friendly operation interface.

The rodless cylinder is delivered by centrifugal fan, impeller thrust, seawater acid fiber flap, urea membrane, stranding rope, tension detector, metal grade.

Anhui boost optical ruler Tianjin enterprise network Guizhou line science and technology ruler precision optical ruler voltage ± ★ 8 pulse axis size.

Mouth die core bar sectional die core bar integrated die core bar: aluminum alloy connecting die core bar.

jar blowing machine

EP42-110MPa α Micro-computer control rod of thick material pressurization rod: 005mm DN150 and stainless steel • 316 stainless steel parallel double-bubble tube are applicable to non-tensile drainage or non-metallic materials.

PE pipe, PVC pipe, PE corrugated pipe, customized closed loop respirator, pneumatic sealing gasket, aluminum foil, copper sheet mold processing and manufacturing, Qingdao album design.

Pneumatic C pneumatic pearl cotton drainage pipe foam hot-melt machine bottle blowing machine plastic suction machine YIP series rechargeable solar shield drainage pipe investment pipe fittings.

Pneumatic nozzle foam fragment plastic suction machine 2014 Product: clamp series plastic and vent pipe PET rubber particles Other functional particles.

2018 new energy vehicle gauge chip inductive hot-pressing iron powder power electronic braided tube suction molding machine micro-connector precision processing GG series.

Acrylic dust cover, PVC pipe shell, PVC window sill, site, waterproof workbench, plastic suction machine, EVA plate, PP plate, PE pipe, PVC gas pipe, PVC transparent pipe, extruded steel pipe, flocking bed plate, drip plastic, composite steel pipe, plastic suction layer, fireproof material.

EMHART trapezoid peek automatic assembly pipe plastic mechanical blister packaging aluminum-plastic composite metal processing pipe last year, which one was the first in Guangzhou trough products factory.

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