Top 10 KRONES Blowing machine factories

The film blowing unit is a five-layer co-extrusion bi-directional secondary heating double-bubble tube type POF heat-shrinkable film blowing unit, ranking the top 10 KRONES blowing machine factory.

EPDM first adjusts the air ring to the appropriate position, then blows the diaphragm to the size, cools, and then presses the film into the mold head of the film blower by the AC-vector diaphragm manipulator. The thickness of the folded diaphragm is sealed according to the requirements of cold glue.

Subsequently, adjust to the appropriate height, prepare for full stock folding, and extrude for 15-30 minutes.

● It is easy to change the thickness, for example, the thickness and hardness of the disc are relatively large. 2. The color change roller and the winding roller need to be pressed tightly.

● When compressing the device with compressed air, the vacuum valve will lead the printing quality to the required position to ensure the weight of each gram of the printed product,

● The adjustment of air blowing speed should be stable, no more than two hours, and the fuel consumption has been reduced. The automatic filling machine can adhere to 20% pressure, and it can be completed continuously every hour.

● Design of plastic products. Mainly the wall thickness of plastic products. The greater the thickness of precision plastic mold products, the longer the cooling time.

After the regular patrol inspection of the Blowing machine repair workers and the Blowing machine condition inspection, the obtained condition information and fault omen, as well as the relevant records and analysis materials, the workshop Blowing machine repair personnel or repair team leader shall timely repair the existing problems of various types of Blowing machines, make full use of the production space time or holidays, so as to prevent the occurrence of problems in order to control and reduce the occurrence of problems. Portend some problems. If the ordinary repair is not affordable, it will be responded to the part of the plan for repair. It is very reasonable and useful to describe the method of selecting conformal cooling without increasing the skill innovation of the buyer of this skill.

Generally, the Blowing machine also needs to carry out routine spot inspection, patrol inspection, regular inspection (including precision inspection), and fault-free condition inspection through human senses and common inspection tools, focusing on grasping the information about the vulnerable parts, and the technical conditions and abnormal phenomena of the parts. Together, we should formulate and review specifications to determine the boundaries of normal, abnormal and defective Blowing machines.

The third point: formulate the safe operation procedures for blow molding processing. In case of failure, find the blank making software in time, and the key points of one-step Blowing machine operation.

The fourth point is to formulate the safety operation procedure for blow molding processing. Once the operator has abnormal sound, it is necessary to find the blank making software in time; In any case, keep a certain safe distance.

plastic blow molding machine

The fifth point: the basic transmission of the high-temperature semi-automatic Blowing machine is driven by a servo motor. The transmission part is a hydraulic component, and the transmission part is a deceleration valve. Effective driving force is obtained in the hydraulic oil transmission system to achieve normal hydraulic oil output. The hydraulic oil has a long service life, and the operator can also be maintained and protected by the safety protection device.

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