Top 10 Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry

It generally works at 150C-200C, and ranks the top 10 in the Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry. Single-layer single-ring membrane blowers are mainly used to produce single-layer 220L single-ring membrane. Common single-ring membrane blowers include single-layer, double-layer and three-layer, up to 7 layers. Generally speaking, single-layer single-ring membrane production lines include not only single-ring membrane blowers, but also single-ring membrane blowers with automatic thermostatic control. In addition to single-ring membrane blowers, there are also automatic quantitative filling and unloading film blowers. There are generally 200 sets of blown film production lines, measured by thickness. This series of production lines can be produced in more than one layer, usually including single-layer, high-wall film blowing machine (FESTO), equipment engineering wiring, etc.

● When the speed of equipment operation is fixed, such as 98PLC, it does not need to stop the machine for adjustment, and it can be operated through automatic alarm of control computer;

● When purchasing equipment, we can use the least amount of money to save, because it will bring us a lot of inconvenience. If we handle it for the first time, our integrity bureau will be ended.

plastic blow moulding machine

● The actual output of roller should be taken into account. Generally, more than two people can add disposable roller. The factors considered are that the actual output of the roller is 6500kg, and the actual output of the roller is about 300kg.

● Look at the appearance of the finished product. Generally, imitation iron sheet wood is almost cut with iron sheet, and the loss is also large. Look at the pattern on the outside of the finished product. If there are other odors, such as alcohol products such as nitric acid, alkaline epoxy resin, etc., they are generally treated in this way.

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