Top 10 distributors of Extrusion blowing machines

The larger the diameter of the twin screw, the greater the processing capacity of the machine. Top 10 distributors of Extrusion blowing machines.

As the leading Extrusion blowing machine in China, the drawing ratio can be divided into single-layer Extrusion blowing machine and multi-layer injection molding machine. The drawing is mainly used for the water pump with pipe blank, cutting off the existing flat head, and setting the clamping line to realize continuous extrusion.

automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

Heating system: The heating system of the bottle blowing machine is a detection system for insulating substances, which helps to reduce heating time and improve the blowing speed.

Extrusion system: main control panel, start and close the main power supply, open the cooling water valve of the extruder, close the main control panel, and open the rolls.

The energy saving of IBC barrel Blowing machine can be divided into two parts: the power pump is selected, and the continuous working speed is fast and the precision is high.

● The length-diameter ratio of the screw shall not exceed 20 (L/f). The molten material shall be injected into the mold cavity, cooled – pressure-holding – cooling – shaping, and the speed shall be visualized. In addition to the low density adjustment mode, there are also photo-plated household plastic materials to better complete the production of blown film.

● Heat resistance of inner cooling layer film. High tensile strength, puncture resistance, low smoke and halogen-free, heat shrinkable film, good thermal conductivity.

HDPE and LLDPE films are generally made of organic solvents with high temperature resistance, puncture resistance, high toughness and LLDPE. For example, HDPE is the inner cooling layer. High-temperature resistant polymer can preserve the colloid property and improve the non-toxic and wear-resistant properties. It is widely used in the packaging of chemical, petroleum, medicine, food, textiles, clothing, bacteria, daily necessities and other civilian and industrial products.

● The blown film of the blown film has good toughness, high strength and transparency, and the structure of the air cooling device is diverse, which can improve the molding efficiency of the product and effectively reduce the influence of the spread on the blown product. Generally, Blowing machines are two-step bottle blowing machines, that is, plastic raw materials need to be made into preforms before blowing. Nowadays, environmentally friendly plastics made of PET are widely used.

● The plant covers an area of 300 square meters, has a production team of 400 people and a monthly capacity of more than 100,00PCS;

● More than 30 imported Blowing machines can produce different blow molding process parts of 15cm-3m;

● It has laboratories, screen printing, painting and assembly workshops, and automatic assembly lines to ensure timely delivery.

automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

● Long-term cooperative enterprise of the world’s top 500 enterprises, with sales network covering more than 30 countries and regions around the world;

● Provide engineering design and mold manufacturing, and commit to OEM/ODM services for blow molding process products;

● The after-sales service team of hundreds of people has 724 hours of online service to quickly respond to your service needs.

It has the characteristics of durability, excellent performance, good wear resistance and high strength. All parts present round and beautiful lines, making the overall vision light and neat. Simple lines and comfortable fabrics release your tiredness all day. The quality is guaranteed. The designer’s unique design achievements and brand quality are guaranteed.

It is widely used in the fields of medical containers, chemical packaging, daily chemical packaging and multi-layer structure packaging. Through the use of various materials, it can not only overcome the advantages of medical products, but also have better use, and grow stronger silica gel products, and also can double layer permeable materials.

In order to meet the demand of advanced medical products, Tongjia has 36 new factory facilities as factory processing points from Chengdu spare parts production plant to Chengdu. The hardware facilities configuration includes the following introduction.

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Nantong Factory: No. 137, Haiyan Road, High-tech Comprehensive Industrial Park, Tongzhou Bay Jianghai Linkage Development Demonstration Zone.

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