Top 10 Blowing machine suppliers

The number of products, 1500 sets, product specifications, top 10 Blowing machine suppliers.

● Low power consumption, high speed and low precision. High pressure and double arm connecting rod pressurization and mold locking are adopted to solve the waste products of the Blowing machine.

PET Blowing Machine

● Small floor area and high degree of automation. Shaanxi has more than 30 years of working experience, providing mature on-site products and 1000 belt conveyors.

● Wide range of industrial automation, the equipment is applicable to plastic film, plastic TPR, ABA and other pressing plates and longitudinal pressing keys.

● Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device. When a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state.

● The air circuit design divides the action and air blowing into three parts to meet the requirements of bottle blowing, action speed and output. The bottle blowing machine shall be operated safely and the preform shall be responsible.

● The pneumatic part is equipped with a steel frame to make the design of movable components more perfect and improve the mechanical stability.

● The steel glass system is equipped with automatic fault reporting function; In case of operation error or failure, the computer will display and give an alarm.

● The bottle blowing machine system is equipped with automatic cleaning function. The bottles are cleaned through sterilization and drying disinfection equipment, and the infrared lamp is cleaned through the cover, and the cleaning lamp is automatically switched.

● The pneumatic part is made of stainless steel to reduce the working speed of the operator, so as to protect the whole heating box.

● The pneumatic part adopts stainless steel high-precision PLC, human-machine interface touch screen, PLC computer LCD touch screen, human-machine interface, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine is equipped with automatic cleaning function.

● The air circuit design action and air blowing are divided into two parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action, and to achieve high air pressure product blowing. In addition, the use of air circuit design action can increase the linear speed and low pressure capacity of the bottle blowing machine, and achieve the effect of reducing energy consumption.

● The action and air blowing are divided into three parts to meet the requirements of bottle blowing and action at different air pressures, and to achieve high air pressure blowing products.

● The bottle blowing rack adopts the latest version of digital programming display, which is set and operated by Japanese touch screen. It is used for programming operation and PLC operation. All models of PLC only have 80% of the digital touch screen.

● The pneumatic electrical component control system uses imported components originally imported from Omron, Japan. The whole system has sensitive guide rails, high positioning accuracy and clear operation conditions;

● The pneumatic part adopts the pneumatic components provided by Taiwan Delta, which has the advantages of simple operation, safety and reliability, and smooth speed regulation.

● Unique mold closing structure, strong mold locking force, stable action, fast mold opening and closing speed, convenient mold installation and replacement.

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