Top 10 blowing machine factories producing mineral water bottles

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Before application, we should strictly carry out equipment maintenance and repair work to ensure that there are no faults between the equipment and the customer, so as not to affect the normal use and operation of the customer.

The main transmission adopts a servo motor, and the transmission chain adopts an imported KMC brand SMC brand SMC Schneider brand Songwei robotic arm.

The transmission accuracy of the entire machine adopts three-phase asynchronous electric, stainless steel rotating shaft, and the transmission chain adopts parallel regulators to ensure transmission accuracy and synchronization.

The main transmission adopts variable frequency digital control with correction function. When judged within the digital range, other frequencies will be automatically measured.

The main transmission Panasonic frequency adopts digital pulse+DMI temperature control, sets voltage signals, and pays attention to various actions during machine operation. When the machine encounters abnormalities, we will check whether the machine is normal.

Equipped with various safety protection devices, such as in the event of an earthquake, normal machine operation, or abnormal equipment, it is necessary to press the manual emergency stop button to ensure surrounding safety.

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bottle blowing machine

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