Top 10 Blowing Machine Companies Producing Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

In recent years, a series of new raw and auxiliary material small enterprises have gradually formed, ranking among the top 10 companies producing fruit juice beverage bottles.

Adhering to Husky’s service team, the super large injection molding machine agent team has successfully participated in new business activities in the fields of thousand level packaging, medicine, and machinery, while providing strong support for Yiwu City, Yongli City, Debang City, and the manufacturing industry.

Commonly used blow molding machines include PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PBT (polyester), polypropylene (polyvinyl chloride), PBT and their plastic products.

The flow channel design of the card bottle head adopts a card bottle type structure, which can predict the performance of the counter flow while ensuring the predictive boiler, so that the bottle body does not fall.

Referring to the head pressure of CTP and the swing characteristics of the head speed change, find the appropriate position of the pull rod to swing the head and meet the requirements of fast and slow down.

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automatic pet bottle blowing machine

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