These new regulations of Extrusion blowing machine have been officially implemented

Extruder, electric control cabinet, molding machine, traction machine and coiler. These new regulations of Extrusion blowing machine have been officially implemented.

The company has regulated all the necessary scope of enterprise standard facilities! Make a real value as high as 278, and the market value is 61071.

The management department should take the approved plastic raw material alloy material as their designated location at the earliest. The regulations are very large and must comply with the above. For example, the characteristics or fluidity, hardness and wear resistance of the resin must meet the requirements of domestic processing to meet the requirements of domestic manufacturing.

The selection of plastic raw materials also needs to be traded correctly, so they must be able to make plastic finished products. The price of plastic raw materials will generally be lower than that before. For plastic raw materials, even plastic can be added, which can be equivalent to plastic blow molding parison, but there will also be flash near the mold head of plastic parts, which is OK.

In fact, plastic is relatively cheap. The price of plastic raw materials is very high, and the price of plastic raw materials is very low. This is also unmatched by plastic raw materials. After all, the experience of recent decades, even if the plastic raw materials are sold at a low price, it may also bring costs.

The proportion of plastic raw materials is relatively high, so there is a good packaging of plastic raw materials. If we call this material plastic raw materials, we can also determine the drying, oxygenation and coloring of plastic raw materials.

Plastic raw materials are very impact-resistant and can be used as coal and chemical raw materials. After the storage of plastic raw materials, they cannot be called plastic raw materials, which is called pressure storage. The plastic raw material is a very anti-corrosive plasma material, which can not have too much coolant, and the plastic raw material can also be doubled strong. The use of polytetrafluoroethylene (HIPS) can not achieve the smooth effect.

All our granulating units have passed CE and ISO9001 certification, with guaranteed quality.

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Frankly speaking, what you are looking for here is high-quality production line and affordable price. We are an experienced and comprehensive manufacturer of granulation production equipment. Outstanding quality is the tradition of Yongjie people for 20 years. In terms of price, we will also give you the best discount on the premise of following the market rules! Yongjie sincerely hopes to become a long-term partner with you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For the commonly used plastic types, our company has enough industry experience to select the well-arranged screw combination for you. When you purchase our granulator production line, we will provide you with quantitative weighing data for free. For special materials, our company can provide you with good screw combination through production experiments.

Our company adapts to meet the customer’s different gluing properties and materials, and more than ten varieties are available for customers to choose from, including double-sided gluing machine, single-sided gluing machine (coating or coating), plate cleaning machine, comb tenon gluing machine, etc. MH6113A is a single-sided gluing machine, also known as gluing machine, glue rolling machine, glue brushing machine, etc. on the market, which is often used for the secondary lamination of composite building materials formwork, wood, production plywood, blockboard, density board, bamboo plywood or man-made board, and the gluing is uniform Equipped with rubber cleaning device, automatic plate thickness adjustment function, and 304 stainless steel seamless tube rubber volume adjustment roller. It can be equipped with automatic gluing device, variable frequency speed regulation, electric digital lifting and other functional devices.

The gluing roller is made of excellent rubber covered vulcanization, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, etc. Once the amount of glue used is recycled, the capacity of the thin rubber roll is less than the specified value, which will cause thermal decomposition. The gluing roller is made of hot rubber products, which is designed to provide transparent, clean, rust-proof protection, pollution-free and other purposes for the old rubber roller components.

“Huaxin” technical parameters: the tubular spiral roll, plunger pump and rubber roll are powered on and off to minimize heat loss.

·About the daily inspection and equipment maintenance of the film blowing machine. What are the characteristics of the heating methods of the roller of the pe film blowing machine· Analyze the factors that affect the heat sealing quality of the heat sealing and cold cutting bag making machine. Learn the two cooling methods of the film blowing machine in detail. Summarize the main functions of the heat sealing and cold cutting bag making machine. Let’s see how the PE film blowing machine helps the development of the plastic industry.

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