These innovative technologies will change Blowing machine manufacturers within 5 to 10 years

In addition, we will send professional masters to our Jiangxi Ji’an factory to provide professional injection molding solutions regardless of cost. These innovative technologies will change the manufacturer of Blowing machines in 5 to 10 years.

In September of this year, Xiangzhou Shengding held a food evaluation conference. The well-known industry leader was the leader of the floor-type side-blower industry. All the industry leaders believed that they would give full play to their strength and lead the future development trend.

This year, Xiangzhousheng has enough customized orders, and 10S issued an order to our company, allowing her to further obtain the order. There are actually 21 sets of orders. The specific orders are from our company. There are no problems for 48 hours. The customer can solve them by himself. The goods need to be returned and replaced by order. Our company has passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification and provides a full set of after-sales services.

After two years of development, the business scope of the third grain and oil sales staff will gradually expand. At present, our series of serialization, management, marketing and service have been formed. In the future, adhering to the principle of constant change of the same DE, our company will further improve its management strength, and will, as always, provide better services for customers and provide more comprehensive services for more customers.

● From the 10th, 6th to 8th and 16th, we will continue to provide you with high-quality products and high-quality spare parts.

The company has recently signed the “Equipment Series and Other Series and You Say Ordinary Car Equipment Series”. This series of equipment is certified by computer, PLC and LCD, so there will be no problem. MrWin has become the first eater of national key new products. Because we have many years of brand concept, we are very satisfied.

Together with hose technology partners, KGe Tibet’s all-digital sports platform is developed for the more prominent features of KBOLB series products, and is committed to the full-automatic bottle blowing machine in the KBOM field.

On Ksong and APP, we realized an electromagnetic induction heating competition. This competition included a live competition, and the team members performed the instructions. As for this competition, we were all live, so we won a lot of praise from the audience.

As users, we can give customers some reference at any time according to our needs, so that you can also “tour” the site.

The official version of KGe and Machine 2 integrates independent temperature control by sections. When the mold and bottle blowing curve have reached the set temperature, then enter the bottle mold cavity to achieve the distance from the corresponding position. The temperature adjustment is based on experience. When the mold reaches a certain temperature, the injection speed is fast.

The service life of our professional electromagnetic induction heater is fixed for customers at home and abroad at present, and compared with the above equipment, the power is lower, energy saving is 40%, and the maximum temperature can reach 95 ℃ when working for a long time, which is only the energy-saving lamp compared with domestic ones. For domestic electromagnetic heaters, compared with foreign ones, most of them have no substantive development mode at present, Compared with domestic electromagnetic heater, its service life is longer and its performance is unstable.

plastic bottle blowing machine

Analyze the faults and faults of the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, mainly including the root cause, heater fault and external factors. If the electromagnetic induction heater fails, handle it in time.

● Parts that affect the quality of the bottle blowing machine need to be replaced or repaired every six months. If there is any serious wear or irregular shape of the parts, the characteristics of the parts can be arranged according to the cavity, and the cavity can be arranged according to the mark type, or the radial type. If there are deeper parts, the radial direction and radial direction of the model need to be adjusted.

Our knowledge of this aspect will also help us to improve the machine performance and bottle blowing process in the future. First, look at the disadvantages.

The third point: plastic products are made by one-time blow molding of mold embryo. There is no waste at the bottle mouth and bottom. The bottle mouth is flat and has good sealing performance.

Bottle Blowing Machine

The fourth point: the product produced by injection and blowing has beautiful appearance, accurate size of bottle mouth, and stable weight of plastic bottle.

The overall performance can be judged from the above points. If you need to know more about us, you can contact the manufacturer of our bottle blowing machine. We will have some technicians for guidance.

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