Their Extrusion blowing machine business experience is worth learning!

When we use twin-screw extruder for production work, many friends may only know how to operate the machine according to the requirements. Their Extrusion blowing machine business experience is worth learning!

In terms of equipment purchase quota, countless mold materials, and various service processes after meals, this may be relatively high, and some specific problems are also more troublesome.

What exactly is the accurate cooling method after spring? I believe many friends have understood this problem. What is the cooling method? In fact, it’s very simple. As long as we watch carefully, no matter where the rough workers care about packaging, as long as we keep in good working condition, we can combine regular plastic particles together. In the ranks of standards, consumption trends and various types of purchases,

With the change of monotonic mode, environmental protection equipment has been widely used at present. The shrink film of plastic film is mainly composed of several different combinations of mechanical parts. This function directly affects the actual power consumption and makes environmental protection equipment more beautiful!

Through the inspection of PE film blowing unit, under normal conditions, increase the cooling time of the extruder and increase the cooling air ring to make the film cooling of the film blowing unit more recyclable and improve the production capacity.

Tips for film blowing technology: With the development of film blowing machine today, it has demonstrated the blowing dream of the die head. When you witness the rotation of the rotating die head and the continuous growth of the rotating die head, let it work all the time. The design of the film blowing machine is also a problem that everyone pays more attention to.

PET Preform Making Machine

In the production of high-strength and low-cost composite membrane, due to its fast heating and cooling speed, it can save energy, so it needs less maintenance space. The heating and cooling time of the film blowing machine is generally relatively long, generally around 1000 ° C.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

At present, China’s film blowing machine industry has cooperated with trillions of giants in developed countries in technology manufacturing, but technicians have more than three levels of technical requirements. Therefore, in the face of high output and high quality products, the production process is more pure, and the positioning system of film blowing machine has great requirements. Most technicians use the self-pressing traction method, and the linear die is used for the drawing rod of the linear film blowing machine. When the use of extrusion and packaging products is large, the drawbar or vacuum force control system can be used to reduce the weight of the product and cause small loss on the top. On the basis of sufficient screw speed, the radial expansion ratio of the spring is about 0.2%, and the film is stretched longitudinally and transversely.

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