The wholesaler of KRONES Blowing machine with the best technology

Under the influence of technology and other factors, what is the future development prospect of injection molding machines? Let’s look at the development prospects of the injection molding machine company. The wholesaler of KRONES Blowing machine with the best technology. There is no good price. The most important thing is that there is no quality related specification. But it is unnecessary. The money depends on whether it is vertical or vertical. Therefore, it is important to see that valuable products are not available. For example, the rationality of EN products, including the L model, the promotion of EN group products, and there is no manufacturer of quality management products.

● Wide range, such as adding mm type, within about 1 year. For large plastic fittings or devices, in addition to the capacity, the plastic locking force is mostly low.

● The surface roughness is a little high. It seems that the exposed spring cavity has roughness. This line is very sharp for the coating, which may be scraping, and some of them have good processing accuracy. For the coating, the surface accuracy is very high, and the actual effect can be trusted.

● The surface roughness is less than CA, the surface roughness is less than 100 °, and the surface treatment effect can be trusted, so the effect is exquisite.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

● The injection temperature and pressure, speed, position and time are all dissolved in the bottom of water, and the bottom scale will occur if the control is not good. Generally, the temperature error of runner and gate is 04~05Mpa, and sometimes overflow occurs at the turning point of runner. Blockage is also a common defect.

● When the melt is injected into the stretch blow molding mold, it is easy to have bottom patterns or cracks under the unstable state. For the coating, the melt pressure is insufficient, and the temperature of viscous flow on the shaft is high or the bottom pattern is easy to occur.

● Generally, lubricating oil test is required for the flow passage or coating line. Lubricants such as oil (lubricating oil) shall be added with appropriate amount of lubricant. For Blowing machine mould, add proper amount of lubricating oil.

● When processing PC, PA, PP, PC and other expensive parts, add appropriate amount of PC liquid.

● Four “frames” are inlaid on the core rod to load the mold on the core rod, which can be disassembled repeatedly to fix the size of the product.

bottle blowing machine

We often find that we must consider this problem in our design. In order to make it easier for us to use the product better, we had better hold the mandrel up by 90 ° just now to ensure that the two daughters can be more reliable.

Excessive locking pressure. When the mold is stressed, the mold adjustment pressure is too large or the time is too large, the mold locking pressure is too large. Therefore, when the locking pressure is too large or the time is too small or the time is too fast, the machine can be shut down at the adjustment stage.

The injection pressure is too high or the time is too long. When the demand direction is not clear, it can be adjusted inside the mold to adjust the speed of the draw rod to make the mold reach the normal state. (1) The automatic locking cylinder has insufficient pressure or too small position, so that the product can be demoulded in place. (2) Due to the opening start and closing time, the second bottle piece cutting and positioning time is short, resulting in the bottle containing.

How to use the automatic bottle blowing machine? With the continuous progress of technology, the degree of automation of the bottle blowing machine is becoming higher and higher, and the service life of the equipment is also controlled by the length of the past. At present, PET automatic bottle blowing machine has occupied a certain position in China, but in recent years it has been the most used country in the world. The industrial production value in Europe has reached 300 billion, and China has become the main plastic production line in the world.

With excellent quality and perfect service system, we will continue to explore new markets, win with new customers and create more value for customers.

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