The Three Elements of Market Acquisition for Blowing Machines for Producing Plastic Bottles

The three key factors for obtaining market share in the production of plastic bottle blowing machines. What is the process of a three-layer bottle blowing machine and a high-speed bottle blowing machine. Enter the interface from the auxiliary machine.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

German Italian precision and Japanese high precision bottle blowing machine industrial robots – Italian lubricant international high-end component processing robots. The Italian ZP400 series vertical dual axis orientation control is controlled by a microcomputer relay with a CO2 gripper fault mechanism, and is equipped with a pneumatic shared transmitter to adjust the control accuracy and ensure proper maintenance. The highest technical parameters are equipped with the largest domestic organization blog version app, achieving a precise ratio of minimum oil supply, achieving material transportation, cutting, dispersion, compaction, melt blown material transportation, and automatic detection. The control system is equipped with automatic fault reporting function; When there is an operation malfunction or running time adjustment, the computer will display and issue an alarm and output a signal. The digital PLC will monitor the six aspects of material transportation and output signals; When operating the material input into the warehouse, start the main motor to perform dust removal treatment on the material until all the formed materials have run, and then stop the operation of the extruder. The separated plastic flows to the pipeline and enters the next cycle. Adopting online real-time monitoring configuration control, industrial automation intelligent control system, human-machine interface operation, this system is suitable for detecting material height, workpiece height, thickness, hardness of process personnel, screw speed, motor speed, motor control through conference system, output speed control, etc.

The characteristics of a twin screw granulator: 1. The twin screw granulator is mainly used for filling, blending, modifying, adding, chlorinating, processing polypropylene, and high water absorption resins of rubber and plastic and engineering resins; Extrusion of degradable masterbatch, polyamide condensation polymerization, and polyurethane addition reaction; Granulation of carbon powder and magnetic powder, preparation of insulation and sheath materials for cables, low smoke and halogen-free flame-retardant PVC cable materials, and various silane crosslinking materials. Small models are mainly used for scientific research and teaching< eod>。

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