The supplier of LESHAN Extrusion blowing machine with the best technology

Excellent supplier of blow-molded pallets for many compound fertilizer enterprises, such as Kim Jong Ta, Kim Yimeng, Feng Xi, Xin Lianxin, etc. The supplier of LESHAN Extrusion blowing machine with the best technology.

The mini Blowing machine can be customized according to the size of the density provided, the Japanese technology is introduced, compared with the blast flow in the European market, and then quickly cooled, to develop a relatively flat employee case. In terms of continuous maintenance, it can directly explain the correct basis to ensure that the bottle cap has a very thick density, can squeeze water back, and save costs. It is conducive to ensure production, and the speed ratio is also applicable to blow molding, otherwise, due to the accelerated voltage change, mold will produce harmful bacteria. Increasing rail costs can also start to reduce speed and significantly reduce transportation costs.

In order to prevent the residual stress in the Blowing machine from being damaged, it is necessary to connect the air source to each mold and control the air inlet surface of the mold, so as to improve the production and quality of the blow molding products.

D. The width and height of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of the preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic temperature exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying channel;

E. Each mechanical action has a safety self-locking device. When a process fails, the program will automatically switch to the safe state;

G. The air circuit design divides the action and air blowing into three parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action;

K. The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple maintenance and safety.

Stretch Blow Moulding

Note: The machine specifications are subject to change without notice! Accept customers’ customized machines and good suggestions!

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

Train your operators to achieve rapid mass production and optimal production efficiency, so as to realize economic benefits quickly.

Timely and effective problem solving mechanism. If the equipment fails, we will solve the problem within 48 hours after receiving the customer’s notice.

The company has plastic machinery business department and mold business department. The Plastic Machinery Business Department actively develops various plastic molding processes and machinery based on the advanced foreign technology and management concepts and the strong technical strength of the company. The Mold Business Department mainly serves the Plastic Machinery Business Department and is committed to the research, development, design and manufacture of PET preform mold and PET blow mold.

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