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In fact, the bottle blowing machine needs to form a parison ring. The bottleneck of the bottle blowing machine needs to adjust the screw diameter, so once the bottle blank is closed, under the stretching rate of the stretching rod, the bottle blank will experience significant wear. In order to maintain a good appearance, the bottle preform is subjected to stretching.

The preform of the bottle blowing machine, also known as the preform, is formed by injection molding of PET pellets. It requires that the proportion of recycled materials should not exceed 10%, and the number of recycled materials should not exceed two.

Using a mold with two cavities to blow 600 milliliters of bottles can produce up to 2000 bottles per hour.

Injection molding has not been as precise as traditional chemical reactions for a long time. This chemical reaction is complete, and most water bottles are formed through injection molding. Injection molding is very important for the appearance, hardness, and appearance of plastic products, so mold design is very important.

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Injection molding is a very important step for plastic bottles. It is because plastic bottles cannot be produced or used for injection molding, and the capacity of injection molds should be selected based on their different materials. How much does an injection mold cost? Injection mold or bottle blowing machine?

The important factors affecting the PET bottle blow molding process include bottle preforms, heating, pre blowing, molds, and production environment.

The quality of bottle preforms largely depends on the quality of PET materials. Materials that are easy to blow and shape should be selected, and a reasonable bottle preform forming process should be developed. Experiments have shown that bottle preforms made of PET materials with the same viscosity may have significant differences in blow molding processes with different production dates for the same batch of bottle preforms. The quality of the bottle preform determines the difficulty of the blow molding process. The requirements for the bottle preform are purity, transparency, no impurities, no discoloration, appropriate injection length, and surrounding halos.

To make the oven work better, it is important to adjust its height, cooling plate, etc. If it is set at a height below 0 ° C, it is not allowed to rely on the mold cavity for a long time to blow the bottle blank.

The main function of the melt pump is to discharge the high-temperature piston pump from the extruder, perform short-term fluidization of the main organic liquid, and then form a cylindrical shape. Its main advantage is that it can fill accurate valves, ensuring reasonable control of the production cycle and avoiding waste.

Most bottle blowing machines use variable frequency speed regulation, with a car mounted LCD display and a powerful control system, making operation simple and convenient.

Most bottle blowing machines use servo electric drive systems, which reduces the use of secondary devices. For example, the servo electric system will closely follow the changes in the hydraulic system, changing the energy consumption of the mold moving system. Secondly, an electromagnetic control system is adopted, and a new gearbox certified by CE can better protect the bottle blowing machine.

Generally speaking, depending on the production line of the bottle blowing machine, it is also carried out in stages, but the speed is too slow and the machine that is upside down cannot blow the bottle. Only deliver tools and brakes to the customer, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

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