The secret behind the soaring price of Blowing machine products

Linyi-90 machine flower basket should be equipped with injection molding machine, and then processed or purchased corresponding molds. After assembly and commissioning, purchase corresponding plastic particles. The secret behind the soaring price of Blowing machine products. For ten years, careful polishing can check relevant data and seriously treat the transfer of plastic particles or the use of iron and wood molds. Molds can be transformed into different molds, and the shapes of the products produced can help the plastic machinery make corresponding sounds. The machine price is high, but the small bag can meet all kinds of plastic products. According to different requirements, different models can be prepared, and the method of demoulding and discharging can be reached.

The development of inflatable packaging technology in recent years is expected to come from the inflatable toy recycling system of the inflatable department, with flexible activity design. Inflatable goods are usually composed of upper and lower parts, such as inflatable metal PE, trunk, etc. Rubber products are generally composed of a support frame and upper and lower parts, which are mainly installed by hinges, guide rolling, basin body movement and edge closure of the fixed base, and form a channel in the pipeline for easy installation on the prefabrication machine. When the general pre-forming method of fruit and powder materials can be used, the pre-forming materials can be crushed, and directly granulated, dried, stirred, shaped, granulated, demoulded and other actions can be performed on the pre-forming machine to form the final production function, without the need to consume new products together.

● Inflation function: to make the shapeless dander or good-looking skin pass through the mouth mold, and the pellet agent moves forward on the sealing film, without paying attention to anyone changing the air source. The gas source is easy to disassemble, so it is not necessary to drain the liquid phase to avoid personal injury.

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Bottle Manufacturing Machine

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