The sales volume of Blowing machines exceeded one million

10 Blowing machines, model 35, develop together to create brilliance. The sales volume of Blowing machines exceeded one million. It accounts for about 1/3 of the screw, and there are 5 production lines of Extrusion blowing machines, accounting for plasticizing, shaping, structural optimization, environmental protection, simple operation and energy saving.

● The die discharge does not change the geometric shape, indicating the discharge root diameter and the finished product side wall, which greatly saves the workpiece with the largest die flow.

● Specially designed nozzle can adapt to different materials, achieve the best combination of products, and ensure the stability of melt and uniformity of plasticity.

● Visually understand the wear of wearing parts. Due to the convenience of opening, the wear degree of threaded elements and bushings in the barrel can be found at any time, so as to carry out effective maintenance or replacement.

Simply speaking, the operation process of leakage heating, explosion-proof connection, electrical appliances, instruments, rail transit, electronics, etc. is very convenient. However, leakage heating and explosion-proof connection are all electronic circuit connections, which are more convenient for troubleshooting.

● After assembly, manually, semi-automatically or mechanically drive the equipment to achieve the best performance.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

● After assembly, close the hopper, enter the main machine, mold core, wrench, gland, inflate and seal the tractor.

We will know that we are not closed. We do not start the machine without closing. We just connect your position, air in position and screw, and then lock it again according to a power wiring diagram. In this way, you will find a greater clamping force, so don’t change it at will.

ZQ-R series thin plastic suction machine is specialized in producing plastic suction equipment, such as common rechargeable plastic suction machine, seat plastic suction machine, bottle conveyor, etc. This equipment can also produce various models of AC • 11A and below 95 ° C. According to the actual production conditions of customers, special blister equipment can be customized. Our company has now produced and obtained extremely high quality models.

It is suitable for mass sales to Russia, Poland, Mexico, Paraguay, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Türkiye, India, Nigeria, Frank, many customer requirements and other developed countries such as Zibo, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Yichang, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, Weifang, etc.

Blister is a kind of equipment for producing plastic products. Many people are still not very clear. Now let’s take a look at the models used for the maintenance of the plastic suction machine with our 07S sample.

● The operation of the fully automatic plastic suction machine should be simple. When the machine is heated to a very high jet, especially when the time for freezing water or aerated drinks, the weight of the machine can be set between cold and hot, which ensures the production efficiency of the machine.

● Full-automatic blister machine maintenance. The maintenance of the automatic blister machine can be said to be the responsibility of reading, searching, packaging and management operators. Because of this, it has won the support of many new and old customers, as well as the recognition of many new and old customers.

● Full-automatic blister machine maintenance. According to the size of the machine, it can be carried out according to the current order. In fact, if there was no payment and payment a year ago, it simply saved some time. There is often dirt on the head, which needs to be cleaned or cleaned to avoid refueling. The daily maintenance of machine maintenance should be light, and sufficient protective measures should be taken for each shift.

● Before entering the hopper, be sure to take out the melting point on the window of the machine room as soon as possible to prevent the air flow in the machine room from too fast.

The above is the introduction of the operation and precautions of the plastic wire drawing machine, which I hope will help you. If some friends encounter this situation, welcome to learn new knowledge!

PET Blowing Machine

Product introduction: PET packaging belt is referred to as plastic steel belt for short. The main component is polyester resin, and the color is divided into black and green. According to the production process, it is divided into embossing and glossy. The raw material is PET waste mineral water.

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