The production process of Extrusion blowing machine should first do this well

Why should we use additives in blow molding process? What effect does this have? Let me introduce you to you. The production process of Extrusion blowing machine should first do this well.

● The main motor bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated. If the main gearbox is overheated, the bean product purchasing system is damaged. Please come down from the main motor bearing.

● Clamping. According to the figure. Clamp the diameter and size, and then check whether the outer diameter of the plastic machine meets the requirements. Also, there is a lot of dust in the brush rod transmission box. If there are common iron, loose and other foreign matters, please expand the abrasive tool.

● When the magnetic clutch releases the ring. Start the motor first. If it is not a tension clutch, check whether the power supply is normal.

The magnetic clutch is a static sensor, which is a current system within 280 degrees or 180 degrees and 05 degrees. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to act normally. Unless necessary, the tension control guide rail will damage the machine. The magnetic clutch is organized according to the mechanical speed, and the first guide wheel is not compensated (generally within 15 degrees).

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● After tripping, the error shall be reduced to a minimum whether from high speed regulation or from low speed system to high accuracy. In addition, the driving motor of the motor should be refueled frequently, and the list will send a refueling signal every time it works.

● Formulate the starting time of the automatic bottle blowing machine for each required continuous action speed, and we will work together at this stage. In order to get used to the need for rapid response, so as to complete the process of this body.

A Bottle feeding starts from feeding → feeding → air feeding → rewinding → corona treatment → bottle washing → exhaust → reverse bubble treatment.

B Bottle feeding starts from feeding → positive and negative pressure → rewinding → automatic material separation → open regulation → cyclone separation → restart.

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