The next step in the Blowing machine industry is to break the bottleneck and move towards excellence!

For example, the color of injection molding products is uneven. Once it happens, it will cause great trouble to everyone. The next step in the Blowing machine industry is to break the bottleneck and move towards excellence!

As we all know, there are many things in nature. Maybe people have only got a few recognition, but everything is not everything. However, we should not go radially, otherwise the plants will change with the light and even become yellow.

A lot of nature is also objective. We only broadcast various affirmations about nature from the opening. Nature is also the nature of the same structure, but everything is reasonable, and it is also objective. Nature can be compatible with the natural environment and different types of industries, but they need to be spliced and can also be put into every particle in the sun. Fully understand this kind of industrial belt. It has to be said that, starting from the government, the industrial environment has seriously disrupted the extension of nature. Almost all injection tanks are usually through soft bottles, and most of them are equipped with crimping devices. The appearance of some blister packaging boxes, but the appearance of some blister packaging boxes, regardless of color, is not very cool. It is worth noting that it plays a very good role. Therefore, when it is used, it can be reduced or smaller in the first time to achieve the goal of 5 minutes.

However, such a situation can not have any effect at all. If it is running all the time, when the flow value of the liquid static load on the pipe belt is higher than that of the viscous flow medium, this phenomenon is likely to cause fatigue, which cannot be ignored. In addition, when in use, provide enough liquid value to reduce friction value. If the closed connector is not in operation, this phenomenon cannot be carried out compulsorily. The premise of affecting the stretch blow molding process is to have certain bending buffer measures, otherwise it will affect the whole stretch process.

● The moving parts are not lubricated, and there are dirty things on the stretching rod. In order to avoid this problem, we should try to reduce the energy and accelerate the danger.

● If the Blowing machine has insufficient clamping force, it is necessary to fit the oil drum governor of the hydraulic station, and then blow the low pressure gas out of the oil drum with a large oil drum. The plastic oil drum can be cooled only when it is full.

● The top of the heating box will deviate from the electric power and will trip, so when the melt temperature is too high, heat preservation should be carried out, the cooling water should be used tightly, and the parts with less impurities should be replenished.

● During equipment design, the machine personnel will adjust the shape of the machine personnel through the integration diagram and the computer, and then drill, cut, repair and replace the set before putting it into use.

● When the machine is running, pay close attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the machine, so as to find it early and stop it in time and solve it early.

● In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to brake. Then analyze the causes according to the site conditions, find out the problems and solve them quickly.

● After the machine is in normal operation, do not put any part of your body into the machine to prevent the manipulator from hurting people. If the machine has abnormal noise, slow down and observe it.

● After the normal production of the machine, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle to avoid voltage fluctuation or other reasons affecting the quality of bottle blowing.

● During machine maintenance, press the screen fault maintenance button to ensure safe maintenance. If you need to manually observe the action of each individual mold cavity, please pay attention to the position of the manipulator. At the same time, be sure to understand the function of individual buttons, and then move. Make sure that misoperation causes unnecessary trouble.

The repair personnel of the Blowing machine in the workshop shall collect the “defect repair list” and repair records on a monthly basis, in addition to grasping the defect status. Through the calculation, sorting and analysis of the fault data, the fault frequency and even fault distance period of various Blowing machines are calculated, the fault dynamics and key fault causes of a single Blowing machine are analyzed, the occurrence rules of the fault are found, so as to highlight the key points and adopt countermeasures, and the fault information sorting and analysis materials are reflected in the scheme part, so as to prevent repair or improve the method scheme, and the distance period can also be checked regularly as a correction Review the basis of content and specifications. Generally, the Blowing machine also needs to carry out routine spot inspection, patrol inspection, regular inspection (including precision inspection), and inspection of fault-free condition through human senses and common inspection tools, focusing on grasping the information about the vulnerable parts, and the technical conditions and abnormal phenomena of the parts.

The third point: plastic products are made by one-time blow molding of mold embryo. There is no waste at the bottle mouth and bottom. The bottle mouth is flat and has good sealing performance.

The fourth point: the product produced by injection and blowing has beautiful appearance, accurate size of bottle mouth, and stable weight of plastic bottle.

The overall performance can be judged from the above points. If you need to know more about us, you can contact our Blowing machine manufacturer. We will have some technicians for guidance.

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