The most powerful wholesaler of KRONES Extrusion blowing machine

There shall be filter plate and filter screen, and the selection of head diameter shall not exceed the allowable range of the extruder. The most powerful wholesaler of KRONES Extrusion blowing machine.

The universal automatic control board in North America drives the main shaft of the transmission part to rotate thick flow through the air cylinder, and the motor is stable and stable by the strong extrusion pressure, which can complete automatic control.

The re-weighting extruder and the weighable extruder are double. Its main working modes are: feeding up and down, high shear rate, low current. If the temperature is too high, it will immediately cause pressure on the wall and the wall joint. Continue to weigh the data. Its main working modes are: feeding up and down, and high interference speed.

It is supplied to German KMC company and IBC series injection molding machine company to build one of the most powerful, energy-saving and advanced plastic molding machines in KHS Coes.

KMC Corporation of Korea has developed a new type of Swedish kettle (FPE) of EMC in KMC Corporation of Korea. Its main feature is to irradiate materials such as drying channel and blowing film through infrared high temperature lamp, and adjust the temperature of each section to form an observation furnace. This equipment is the maximum speed of TRI’s batch production. It decomposes solids quickly and converts them into an ideal value, with high production efficiency.

KMC Corporation of Korea has developed a new type of energy-saving modulation machine from EMC, which can provide raw materials of various colors (plastic+20 certain amount of post-position ° Cx). It can control and improve the energy utilization rate, machine performance and heat loss rate by changing the color of the machine, and replace the traditional injection molding machine.

● It has overload protection function, rapid mold removal, and smooth drive for transmission system, which effectively ensures the safety of components.

● It can be used for oil-free air compressor and different oil extruders. It can provide products of different colors, such as oil plug, flat pocket, ink branch, etc.

● It has the driving force through simple extrusion. Since the winding is neat, all parts inside the machine are strictly executed according to the rules.

● The equipment adopts high-precision, high-speed molecular weight and high-performance control system, which can realize efficient extrusion and is suitable for extruding powder materials.

● The system connected with the main measurement and control system has control speed control, automatic fault display and automatic fault display of the processing department.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

● The temperature setting and air source are above 23 ° C to ensure smooth processing after high temperature, so the temperature change range is large.

● The temperature of the bottle embryo mold is turned to zero, higher than 350 ° C, and the weight of the bottle embryo mold remains above 98 kg.

● Rapid prototyping, rotate the temperature to a few minutes, move a small amount of material embryos to the temperature-adjusted position, adjust the current temperature, and adjust the temperature.

● Adhere to the online temperature of 60 ° C to 120 ° C for automatic operation, and observe whether the occupational needs are normal, such as the machine operation status, such as normal production or stop adjustment, and timely send all the cold air rings to the electrical control department.

● Observe whether the running direction of the U-shaped mold is displayed in real time according to the requirements, whether the nozzle chamber or preloading pressure is calibrated in accordance with the rules, whether the number of screws of the ML-type PET shaped mold needs to be regular, and the working temperature can be adjusted.

● To avoid unnecessary risks, place the demoulded goods in the corresponding space, such as leaving the machine, then rushing into the machine, and tying up the cold or unused goods. The automatic functions of the Blowing machine mainly include: quality, function, convenience, simple operation, safety, etc.

● The square barrel plastic Blowing machine can be co-extruded from single layer to three layers to meet the different needs of users, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

● All kinds of parison heads of square barrel plastic Blowing machine are equipped with parison wall thickness control system and adjustable die and mandrel. The square barrel plastic Blowing machine can optimize the wall thickness of products and save plastic raw materials. Save costs for enterprises.

● The square barrel plastic Blowing machine adopts a shunting shuttle or a heart-shaped curve mandrel, which makes the parison wall thickness more uniform and the color change more convenient. It can be adjusted repeatedly to ensure the synchronization of delivery time.

● Imported positioning system, replace the film with limited mold, r-angle interconnection eye, applicable to mold, finished products, short plates, sheets, etc.

● The sensitivity of the main line of the machine can be judged by pressing the touch screen manual button within the alarm range of each motor of the positioning box.

● BMCJ mold locking handle, with high intelligence, can be used for hydraulic transmission of parts such as different dies, quick closing and missing caps.

● Imported frequency converter to ensure the accuracy of program initialization. It is convenient to improve the deceleration configuration of various functional components, such as engine oil tank, lubricating oil tank, antifreeze tank, solenoid valve, valve seat, motor, etc.

● Air circuit design, which integrates air source, pneumatic components, fans, pneumatic components, motors and other driving modes to ensure the normal operation of machinery and speed regulation accuracy.

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