The most powerful supplier of HONGZHEN Extrusion blowing machine

The new website of 3522 Group provides customers with 12 liters and 3 layers of dialysate barrel Blowing machines, and provides blow molding equipment with different sizes and output. Die head, the most powerful supplier of HONGZHEN Extrusion blowing machine.

The key interlock trigger of the two is the vertical special pressure regulating system, which is used as the draw rod to adjust the mold adjusting ratio, make the mold table tight and improve the mold efficiency. The blow-molding mechanical mold locking unit adjusts the mechanical mold locking cycle to prevent electrical failure.

The oil pressure system is driven by the transmission, and the rotational speed controls the stable torque. The automatic transmission adjusts the oil pressure system, and has the functions of automatic leak detector, torque adjustment sensor, etc. The hydraulic system adopts proportional hydraulic control.

Digital display screen operation, easy to operate. Digital screen display of output column can display parameters as required.

bottle blowing machine

Double-row Flying Pigeon Youlian specializes in producing vertical injection molding machines, disk vertical injection molding machines, turret vertical injection molding machines,

● It can match the characteristics of embedded parts and the forming cycle, and match the sliding plate or rotary table models to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Optional servo energy-saving motor JTT-1200D (single slide, bakelite) vertical injection molding machine liquid silicone (LSR) vertical injection molding machine, bakelite vertical injection molding machine, thermosetting vertical injection molding machine, handle joint injection molding machine – JTT-850R BMC vertical injection molding machine JTT-850R liquid silicone (LSR) vertical injection molding machine.

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