The most powerful supplier of blow molding machines for producing fruit juice beverage bottles

The most powerful supplier of blow molding machines for producing fruit juice beverage bottles has been engaged in the research and development department of PET packaging for many years. We have many years of experience and can provide the most suitable bottle design according to customers’ actual requirements. We will continue to develop more suitable PET packaging solutions, which will become our goal.

Automatic Blowing Machine

From an empirical perspective, in addition to the excellent quality of the product itself, the key is to master the “foundation of equipment” and accumulate rich industry experience,

When we encounter product problems, we can provide answers to their content, and if it is for us, what types of options are available for us to choose from

Temperature: Based on the type, yield, freezing temperature, time, and drying temperature of other components of the fruit.

plastic blow molding machine

Storage tank temperature: When the temperature of the storage tank exceeds 600 ° C, it is generally above 90 ° C. It rises too high to room temperature at high elastic temperatures, and is usually crystallized at 09 ° C.

● Density: According to the supply demand of its own water source, variable flow is adopted, and stretching gas is generally injected into the billet during production.

Usually used for packaging containers, under high quality conditions, it has a volume range of around 02 compared to packaging on mechanical products and can store more heat for its connection.

Inject compressed air into the stretching rod for movement, mechanical, and pneumatic injection, exhaust, pressure maintaining, and lubrication.

Blow expansion ratio: Generally, the back hole of the product is cooled and shaped, but sometimes its core shaft is directly embedded in the mold. The section of its neck can be controlled by a multi axis machine to ensure that the extruder can work properly. For operations that require a longer operating time at low speeds, it can extrude the molten material from the mold cavity after the first twenty minutes to the maximum film forming capacity.

Subsequently adjust the temperature of the material barrel to around 10 ° C, and when the temperature further increases, the screw speed should be kept constant for 7 to 25 minutes to ensure the normal size of each film in the material barrel. All electrical appliances of this machine are controlled through frequency converters. Like other motors, frequency converters are used to change the power output of the motor and clean the motor on time. Therefore, the speed of each axis of the material barrel needs to be adjusted appropriately< eod>。

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