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The plastic extruder also has a certain temperature and moisture after extruding the products, so it needs a blow-dryer for treatment. The most powerful Newamstar Blowing machine dealer.

When installing the plastic extruder, carefully check the screw work, and try not to leave at will on the premise of ensuring the safety of operation, otherwise serious injury will be caused.

Daily maintenance workflow: clean bottles need to be put into the tool box. It usually takes a period of time to start and close. The shelf life is 1. Keep the working state until it needs to be closed and closed.

Routine maintenance of bottle-blowing machine equipment: under normal operating conditions, the routine maintenance of bottle-blowing machine needs to be carried out and done well. During normal production, daily maintenance is the first step to check. Now, many enterprises lack the corresponding technical content, so they must strengthen daily maintenance.

Maintenance of bottle-blower equipment: check whether the oil level and valves of bottle-blower equipment are normal every day. Check whether the oil level, pressure, hydraulic oil and adjusting parts are qualified and can be maintained as required. To extend the service life of the machine parts, check the lubricating oil, oil and lubrication of the machine parts once an hour. The machine parts have everything.

Bottle blowing machine equipment maintenance: carry out maintenance on time and time according to the workshop management every day. And regularly check and maintain the lubricating oil and appointment of machinery, equipment and hydraulic oil.

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

Electronic protective film: PVC protective film, non-woven protective film, aluminum foil, paper, aluminum foil, etc. The protective film is installed on the electrical appliance shell.

Material protective film: semiconductor protective film, pneumatic protective film, automatic measuring bubble ring, corona protective film, automatic infrared protective film.

Protective film of rubber mixing equipment: the temperature of the protective film of the vulcanizer, the temperature sensor, and the pressure of the pressure roller are too low, causing damage to the equipment. At this time, the protective film needs to be oiled, and the operation needs to be compared with the physical display.

Bottle blowing machine equipment: key words: bottle blowing machine, which affects the appearance of packaged products, and can be specially packaged according to the requirements of product outer packaging.

A Processing technology: legal person, chrome plating; And chrome plating, the surface of the contact material can generate heat, the leftover material does not meet the requirements, the finished product falls off at the bottom, and the bottom is damaged.

B Machine tool: control raw materials, molds and equipment, molds and raw materials and other equipment. According to product characteristics, use requirements and other characteristics, the processing process is divided into pressing, stretching, blow molding, one-step molding and injection.

Bottle blowing machine equipment: project processing commitment, QS system, deployment commitment, university early introduction and other network platforms, and package and keep the data.

Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

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