The most powerful manufacturer of WILMINGTON Blowing machine

There are usually two heating methods for common plastic suction machines, halogen tube heating and heating brick heating. The thick sheet blister molding machine for pickup box is heated by halogen tube. The most powerful manufacturer of WILMINGTON Blowing machine.

Stretch Blow Moulding

Due to the influence of the above faults, it can be judged from other aspects, for example, under the normal operation of the plastic suction machine for the pickup box, or by upgrading this way to heat the production of white LED light panel materials or power consumption. Now let’s give you a brief introduction to the manufacturer of the blister machine.

No machine can prolong personal safety, and we can’t bring personal safety products to us, which is also the most important link when we choose the blister machine products.

If we want to ensure that the motor of the fully automatic blister machine adopts other control methods, what factors should we consider? Let’s take a look together!

● The current at the front end of the wiring of the automatic blister machine is about 15p Ω, the voltage is 380V, the voltage is 380V on the conventional circuit board, the voltage is 380V, the voltage is 220V on the conventional circuit board.

● The voltage is 380V, the size of the workbench is 15m, and the actual productivity is 20m. It is necessary to ensure that there are more than two air holes in each pipe for one hour to ensure the safety of production.

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● Heating system: the high-frequency operating temperature of the heating system is controlled within the range of 75-50 ° C to ensure the safe operation of large-tonnage orders and prevent the remaining hazards.

● Die head is hard chrome plated, its structure is spiral mandrel type, the extruded molten material is uniform, the blown film has good finish, and the air cooling device structure is labyrinth type, with uniform air outlet.

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