The most powerful HUSKY Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry

The company now has fully automatic and semi-automatic plastic suction machines, which can produce various specifications and models of plastic suction products. The most powerful HUSKY Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry.

The company will comprehensively build and develop the technology of its products. The products will be manufactured with better quality, cheaper and faster speed, more open production process, and more suitable for the production process. We firmly believe that quality, reputation and service are solutions for domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises.

With its strong technical force, excellent quality and perfect service, the company has widely absorbed the technical data in the production process, which is urgent to facilitate the overall production data of the blister packaging enterprises.

The company has a high-quality technical development team and a rich vacuum isolation system, equipped with a powerful precision electronic digital collector and communication facility monitoring system, as well as an efficient and convenient cutting system, especially in the high-speed and high-power range, in addition to achieving high-speed production of high-tech products.

The company has high-speed bottle blowing machine, high-speed bottle blowing machine and various special thermostatic systems. Bottle blowing machines, such as chemical buckets, chillers, water pumps, hot runner, pipe buckets, plate buckets, film coating, hot runner systems, etc. All relevant welcome to call us.

The manufacturer always adheres to the concept of advanced technology and process optimization, and has won many favorable comments from customers at home and abroad with “professional quality and honest service”. We can provide professional OEM according to the actual situation of customers.

Yaqi Group is a diversified enterprise with more than 12 years of experience in design and development, providing high-quality PET for customers.

Yaqi Group was founded in 2004 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and an area of 12 m2. Relying on the package of fine design and Volkswagen machinery.

The management team has strong after-sales service capability, has formed a modern after-sales service system, and can focus on brand promotion.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

It can provide users with a variety of product solutions, 12 years of training experience, professional design talents, and reach home learning neck.

Yaqi Group has gradually improved its business, established Nissan technical standards, assisted customers to develop flexible processes and professional service plans, and minimized customer refinement facilities.

blow machine plastic

The products of Yaqi Group mainly produce various automobile shock absorbers, such as automobile floor mats, automobile air ducts, injection dislocation boxes, heat sealing plates, automobile pistons, etc., hydraulic oil tanks, ventilation valves, ventilation pipe systems, ventilation door covers, etc.

The products of Yaqi Group have spread all over the country and are exported to Russia, India, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries, because its products are proprietary cars.

Yaqi Group was founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 20 million and an area of more than 12 million. It is a comprehensive, high-precision, computer-based design introduced by the factory, with excellent media performance. The group’s subordinate industries have blow molding, auto Blowing machines, plastic machinery, plastic running business, and complete factory inspection means. Yaqi Group has developed into an internationally registered car design in Jianhai District for reference.

Yaqi Group was founded in 2004, and invested in foreign trade packaging, gold and white goods logistics turnover, new energy and other departments. Yaqi Group has developed into automobile industry, electronics, battery packaging, hardware assembly, furniture assembly, energy storage logistics and other fields. There are more than 300 employees, and the New Energy Department is available for reference. It is equipped with a servo motor and a collection rollover.

Yaqi Group was established in 2014 to provide the customer company with strong competitiveness in the field of automobile blow molding tray full plate, IBC packaging and molding.

How does the whole plant equipment of the Blowing machine handle the septic tank? The destination of furniture industry: from the United States.

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