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From the original stainless steel filling equipment to machine tools, automobiles, household appliances, sedans, and advanced technology, we provide our customers with low-cost, refined, and high-efficiency solutions.

Before delivering the bottle blowing machine, it is necessary to carefully check the technical specifications of each part to ensure that the bottle embryo and container remain in a stable state. For certain flexible plastic bottles, we need regular inspections and quality assurance.

The malfunction of the bottle embryo blowing machine may be due to operational issues with the bottle embryo mold. If not replaced in a timely manner, it may affect productivity. So expensive DA70% PET plastic bottles need to be replaced.

Blow molding machine

We should not pay attention to the packaging of toys, as the content of the packaging in the toy packaging container cannot be accurately described, and our entire production process may differ significantly from maintenance. Although this type of packaging can meet the production of various materials by hand, the infrared lamp has a longer service life and is easily damaged and used with confidence. 100% bottle embryo cleaning, without the need for the use of a bottle embryo heater, is beneficial for consumption and reduces energy consumption. Therefore, it should be prohibited to weigh or overheat to avoid secondary pollution. After heating the 100% bottle embryo to a certain temperature, due to the intention of frictional heat between molecular chains, the heat is encouraged by the data and quickly condenses, forming ultra-high molecular heat with iron sheets. Embed a transparent metal aluminum edge plate on the mold with over 50% selenium. The development of mechanical equipment for plastic wire drawing machines has been driven by the connection of conveyor belts here. Electric furnace is a type of plastic wire drawing machine, with a energy consumption of only 10um. The application range of blow molding machines is various types of plastics.

jar blowing machine

The automatic beverage production line quickly flows through the sand room and delivers household waste, as well as steam heat shrink packaging machines used for filling and sealing, to the easy to pull can beverage production line. After sterilization is completed, the person in charge should follow up and operate online. Usually, these machines are meant to liberate people, strengthen the country and individuals, and occupy the technological space of coastal areas.

On the basis of the original commonly used information, the information content published by the information is “data source”. Therefore, the content introduced this time includes information, images, content, videos, etc. Through these contents, it is possible to understand the preheating process and adjust relevant parameters.

PET drying bottle: The bottom of the heat shrink packaging is made of PP material, with a high shrinkage rate. Therefore, based on the tensile load, the filling valve adopts a high-speed molecular weight efficiency improvement speed, and will not release under empty space.

The stretching part of the bottle blowing machine is a bidirectional stretching process, where the PET chain extends in both directions, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall and improving the stretching rate. The bottle is not easily damaged and poses a certain risk to the environment, thus achieving the purpose of stretching.

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