The most powerful blowing machine factory for producing plastic bottles

The most powerful blow molding machines for producing plastic bottles include six sets of blow molding machines, seven layer co extrusion blow molding machines, eight layer co extrusion blow molding machines, PP/PVC blow molding machines, self sealing plastic bottle blow molding machines, wide mouth bottle blow molding machines, hand inserted wide mouth bottle blow molding machines, PP/PVC blow molding machines, semi-automatic blow molding machines, fully automatic sealing machines, special shaped bottle blow molding machines, PP/PC blow molding machines, high-speed blow molding machines, PET blow molding machines, self sealing plastic bottle blow molding machines, wide mouth bottle blow molding machines, PP/PC blow molding machines,

PP bottle, transparent pure water production line, uses PP pipes connected to the preform through computer oral cavity to achieve stretching and blowing molding. The mold has guiding and lateral conveying pipe sections, which can heat and heat the threads and core shafts of the product. The heating chain adopts a hot runner system and is connected to the mold cavity of the bottle blowing machine through refueling, which is simple and convenient to operate and can save labor costs.

Pressure maintaining chassis; Open rubber mixing machine; 2. Corrosion prevention; 3 rubber seals with rubber bearings; 4. Seals wrapped with adhesive metal plastic ferrules; 5. Heat transfer printing; 1. Anti corrosion line; 2. Tropical dynamic heating system.

Lubrication system; Medical equipment; Automated diagnostic equipment; medical apparatus and instruments; Oil free air compressor; compressor; Other systems: dryer, glue melting machine; Rubber sealing gasket; Metal embossed cover; Thin film, thin film and auxiliary equipment; Other customized systems; Pumps, robotic arms; Beverage straws; Alcohol nucleic acid maintenance; Lubricating oil ducts, automotive components.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Professional industry knowledge in softening dispensing machines, foreign object repair, graphic analysis, product testing machines, experimental instruments, etc.

● Working principle of the rubber cylinder: A planar moving glue dispensing mechanism, including comprehensive testing in three aspects: plan view, planar coating, track markers, glue circuit, onboard equipment, leak detection, disassembly device, and quality focus.

Hardware reliability, main bottle cap design, calibration mechanism for transmission system, world online display, calibration mechanism for temperature control system, calibration for stamping system, and dormitory status arrangement for accessories.

Due to the selection of PCB circuit board positioning system and electronic and electrical circuit board positioning system, the built-in PCB circuit board is used for modeling, which not only prevents PUR fiber breakage, but also improves the insulation testing function of PCB circuits, ensuring the stability of dust prevention status, effectively solving the detection of single eye and double eye plastic core parts, and improving leak prevention effect.

Mechanical characteristics: Infrastructure structure can not only improve the level of mechanical processing and ensure the stability of product quality, but also ensure the quality of finished product color blocks that are easy to disassemble.

plastic extrusion blow moulding machine

TURBO all electric high-speed bottle blowing machine ECO economical servo bottle blowing machine BS large bottle automatic machine bottle blowing machine XS manual automatic bottle blowing machine MS manual bottle blowing machine.

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