The Most Powerful Blowing Machine Company for Producing Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

The most powerful blowing machine company that produces fruit juice beverage bottles. The company has 15 years of rich industry experience.

Most of the company’s production activities are carried out through sports, which has increased productivity in this project and the company’s development is also quite significant. Therefore, anyone and enterprise must master the working environment and continuously strengthen technical learning to achieve the smooth development of the industry.

The most important challenge for the company is our accumulation in mass production and research and development, so even when facing the opportunities we face, we should make multiple balance points during cell operation, otherwise problems may arise.

● Visually understand the wear and tear of vulnerable parts. Due to the convenience of opening, it is possible to detect the wear level of threaded components and the inner sleeve of the machine barrel at any time, allowing for effective maintenance or replacement. It is not only discovered when there are problems with extruded products, causing unnecessary waste.

● Reduce labor force. The commonly used oil-based specifications for extruded products include high levels of silica, PET, and polypropylene (PET), so water-based resins have good flexibility.

● Sintering of plasticizers, impact resistant, cold resistant resins, rubber, and plastics (one-step method), while also maintaining better mechanical properties.

Other abnormal problems may occur in areas that do not come into contact with machine equipment during operation. For example, local locations where the bottle does not come into contact with machine equipment may cause uneven wall thickness. When the rendering operation fails, an alarm will appear.

Then the machine idled for a circle and continued to run towards the next machine. If the idle time is still too long, there may be danger. Please ask customer service personnel to carry out the following maintenance work.

● Low temperature; Animal generator (such as American 12A), outdoor few metal wire circuit board, shell wire circuit board.

Co rotating twin screw extruder, indoor instrument type extruder, head die mouth, background type extruder, can produce different types of plastic particles.

We are currently conducting trial production from R&D and application to pipe extruders. The aspect ratio, traction screw design, and other aspects need to integrate the die overlap process. Twin screw extruders can be configured differently according to needs.

Machine trial operation can be carried out according to the requirements, and the trial operation can be imported as needed. This can be roughly tracked and the corresponding force that the coupling can vibrate the entire space can be indicated.

blow machine plastic

The storage type mold head needs to be placed in an appropriate position, indicating that the flow of membrane material plays a role in maintaining the axial column axis, that is, the direction of transmission of the casting mold core. This can be accurately controlled by automatically or manually controlling the number of mold walls.

If the shutdown requires abnormal observation and positioning, please turn off the power switch inside the differential positioning pin. Only then can the missing phase materials be accurately removed from the mold mouth and clearly pulled into the standard mold cavity.

Only then can the materials and raw materials be accurately loaded into the required upper and lower mold sleeves, and the parts can be assembled, with the bag pushed before the upper mold.

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