The most popular blowing machine factory for producing plastic bottles

The most popular blowing machine factory for producing plastic bottles, but generally speaking, small bottle manufacturers have their own registration. Of course, you need to see other ways.

jar blowing machine

With the continuous progress of technology and the scale of production, the automation level and production efficiency of PET bottle blowing machines are becoming higher and higher. The production capacity of the equipment is constantly improving, from producing thousands of bottles per hour to producing tens of thousands of bottles per hour now. The operation has also evolved from manual button control in the past to full computer control, greatly reducing the difficulty of process operation and increasing the stability of the process.

At present, the manufacturers of PET fully automatic bottle blowing machines mainly import from abroad, such as SIDEL Company in France and KRONES Company in Germany. Domestic manufacturers include Fujian Quanguan Steel Group and Fujian Jingming Company. Although the manufacturers are different, their equipment principles are similar, generally including five major parts: blank supply system, heating system, bottle blowing system, control system, and auxiliary equipment.

The important factors affecting the PET bottle blow molding process include bottle preforms, heating, pre blowing, molds, and production environment.

The quality of bottle preforms largely depends on the quality of PET materials. Materials that are easy to blow and shape should be selected, and a reasonable bottle preform forming process should be developed. Experiments have shown that bottle preforms made of PET materials with the same viscosity are easier to blow molding with imported raw materials than with domestic materials; The same batch of bottle preforms may have significant differences in blow molding process due to different production dates. The quality of the bottle preform determines the difficulty of the blow molding process. The requirements for the bottle preform are purity, transparency, no impurities, no discoloration, appropriate injection length, and surrounding halos.

To make the oven work better, it is important to adjust its height, cooling plate, etc. If the parts are not set properly, it will cause the same batch of blow molding molds to increase cooling effect at the same time.

Blowing bottle molds are important process equipment for producing various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastic industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in industries such as aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding, and automobiles, the requirements for molds in products are becoming increasingly high. Traditional mold design methods are no longer suitable for today’s requirements. Compared with traditional mold design, computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology has great advantages in improving productivity, ensuring product quality, and reducing costs and labor intensity.

In the plastic packaging industry, the ruler can avoid intermediary harm, and closely analyze and learn new product supply plans, deeply implement new technologies and breakthroughs, to ensure that the product reaches home standards. Blow bottle molds are used to manufacture plastic products, and injection molding involves blowing plastic particles or softened liquids through certain technological means to become the bottles that people need. At present, the manufacturing of blow bottle molds in China has occupied a considerable market share, so the quality of blow bottle molds is getting better and better. Next, we will continue to improve our understanding of plastic packaging to better solve problems< eod>。

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