The market of Extrusion blowing machine has recovered by 10%

Large-scale multi-layer Blowing machines are emerging from the top of the market, and high-quality Blowing machines cannot be separated from the technical quality and rich experience of the manufacturers of production equipment. How many times does the market of extrusion Blowing machines recover?

The advantages of Shandong Blowing machine are inevitably improved. Now, the domestic Blowing machine industry is developing and expanding, and the grandstand of the future development trend should be the plastic products with full competitiveness, and be changed at a new rate. This kind of product with economic interests as its competitiveness is in large enterprises.

When flexible packaging gradually becomes the leading role of food packaging materials, the Blowing machine is naturally one of the most important mechanical equipment in the industry. The quality of the Blowing machine and the film blowing technology determine the quality of the film forming.

Nowadays, the Blowing machine develops high-end technology, and the blow molding film can also be used as food preservation and other application technologies, taking the road of manufacturing new Blowing machines. A special fresh-keeping film blown by the Blowing machine uses advanced technology to make fruits and vegetables durable. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, plastic Blowing machines will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial model, and promote the plastic industry to move towards the high-end.

The new Blowing machines produced in the Blowing machine manufacturing industry include sheet Blowing machine, pe foam film Blowing machine, multi-layer composite Blowing machine, color stripe Blowing machine, heat shrinkable film Blowing machine, etc., which meet the packaging of various products in the market. The high-end blow molding quality has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging.

Blow molding machine

The application scope of the Blowing machine is mainly determined by its different materials. For example, the film produced by the PP Blowing machine is suitable for various supermarket shopping bags, fungus bags and other bags with relatively high hardness and low requirements for tensile strength and brightness, while the film blown by the high pressure PE is suitable for various fresh-keeping bags, and the returned film is suitable for various garbage bags, etc. The Blowing machine is widely used in various industries.

At present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper, and the plastic blowing industry, which is mainly plastic film blowing machine, has a large proportion in the market. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper industry, the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation raise the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the expansion of the cost of the paper packaging market and the price rise. This has increased the share of plastic packaging in the market and stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry. At the same time, environmental protection and energy saving technology has been paid attention to in the film blowing machine machinery industry, promoting the film blowing machine to move towards the high-end level.

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