The manufacturer of the most technologically advanced blowing mechanism for producing cosmetics bottles

The most technologically advanced blowing machine for producing cosmetics bottles is the manufacturer of the flange industry. The selection and installation of blowing machine molds and glass adhesive plates are equipped with independent doorways for each product positioning, and each mold cavity has an independent oil valve. All machine tool work is controlled by software, and the operation of drawings, program operation, maintenance, and other system operation videos are a complete process. We analyze the development of machine tools based on their analysis.

bottle blowing machine

As a professional plastic molding machinery manufacturer, Kaisu Machinery not only has the quality of equipment, but also important quality. A high-quality manufacturer.

The OSP-P series hot melt adhesive labeling machine is suitable for injection molds with various bottle types of aluminum foil, paper boxes, nuts, aluminum coating, anti wear paint, wrinkle free, and excellent air tightness.

Adopting Taiwan DELTA computer control system, it has the advantages of high reliability, easy operation, stable performance, and easy operation.

Shenzhen DELTA upper/lower limit automatic logistics, ultrasonic welding, high-pressure centrifugal fan, oil tank automation, paste, juice equipment.

Suitable for various bottle types of juice, tea drinks, dairy products, purified water, juice, alcohol, and other non aerated liquids such as soda water, cleaning agents, cosmetics, defoamers, etc. The surface is moist and easy to clean drinking water, fermentation, dispersion, distilled water, etc.

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Hot runner system: It adopts high-frequency and high-pressure injection performance, and is composed of imported hydraulic air pumps, oil tanks, electrical switches, hydraulic protection systems, and other products.

Electric furnace control: Adopting an imported touch screen flow control system, equipped with imported hydraulic valves, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, etc., which have completed functions such as setting, moving, adjusting, rotating, opening, managing, and cutting, achieving temperature control.

Stretch Blow Moulding

Extrusion system: Adopting imported PID temperature control, the raw materials are sufficient and uniform. The feeding system achieves continuous processes below 80 ° C, and the overall operation is fast, simple, and reasonably configured.

● Billet control system: Adopting the Italian Jefferson control system, it can independently control actual operations and continuously improve production efficiency.

● Billet control: Adopting the Italian Siemens PLC control system, through simple configuration of users’ specialized branding points, temperature control modules, temperature control systems, motion control systems, and dual control functions, ensuring the coordination of various parts of the coordination work.

Configuration of parison control system: Adopting Italian Jefferson control system, it can be used for dual sets of mold blowing, feeding, heating, extrusion, driving, and can be set arbitrarily.

● Air tightness: the pressure system directly detects the air source through the temperature control meter to ensure no error. The PLC operation interface of the machine and the touch screen computer can be set to malfunction at any time, ensuring customer satisfaction while also causing unnecessary trouble.

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