The manufacturer of LESHAN Blowing machine with the best reputation

Blow molding can form products with complex, irregular and integral shapes. When injection blow molding is used, the manufacturer of LESHAN Blowing machine with the best reputation should be the first to produce two or more pieces.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

The machine model is mainly composed of transmission system, this lateral conveying, this lateral conveying, punching device, bottom mold device, transmission device, side shear positioning device, air blowing device, transmission device, multi-hole instrument, manipulator and electric control system.

Control part: down-blowing device, blow-molding mold, software, three-dimensional cylinder, double-ring barrel gas inspection, blow-molding manipulator, secondary vacuum valve, blow-molding mold, multi-position balloon, air pressure barrel, feeding gas inspection, electroplating liquid level, inflation liquid level, feeding gas inspection, precompression, overflow, ultrasonic, exhaust liquid level, mold, filter element, electrical components, etc.

Control part: the equipment automatically implements rail lock operation, starts with mold lock operation, and the operator operates according to PLC requirements.

Cylinder: oil cylinder, hydraulic oil tank, water pump, rubber oil tank, integrated circuit, leakage alarm, display, relay, etc.

6: Distribute components and current range, and determine the mechanical control scheme according to the speed controller or actual parameters.

The manufacturer specializing in the production of bottle-making machines will talk about how to choose the appropriate machines and equipment for the wide variety of bottle-making machines.

According to its own costs, the multi-channel development of several million yuan straw enterprises has been well received by the majority of straw users.

The professional straw equipment, after years of upgrading, has become the manufacturer of straw varieties of special equipment for packaging non-domestic products.

● Straws are mainly used in beverage, medicine, mining, chemical, mining, special purpose, acrylic, impact resistance, biology, enzyme scale and young, high-density, dangerous goods to avoid damage.

● Multi-interface notification, brand, quality and other information of the hand-held automatic pipette machine are fully displayed automatically, bringing preliminary information to customers, characterized by high efficiency and saving utilization rate.

● Wire mesh replacement: Electrostatic cutting is installed behind the wire mesh because it provides information on the electrostatic discharge effect and the uniformity of wall thickness to avoid electrostatic discharge. Various other wires, plates, sheets and other materials can be linked.

● Stacking and netting: electrostatic cutting is installed behind the film, because electrostatic cutting is very harmful to human body, so as to avoid electrostatic discharge.

The company integrates R&D and manufacturing, adopts advanced technology in the industry, introduces high-tech talents, establishes a modern enterprise system, and constantly improves management. The R&D department constantly develops new products, and strengthens technical content. At the same time, the company strengthens internal management, pays attention to integrity externally, and wins unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with high-quality product quality.

Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

Extruder, mixer, opening mill, film blowing machine, casting machine, plate vulcanizer, plastic granulator.

Main business: extruder, plastic granulator, internal mixer, open mixer, film blowing machine, flat vulcanizer, laboratory open mixer, small internal mixer, casting machine equipment, plastic extruder, small open mixer, rubber internal mixer, casting machine, small rubber flat vulcanizer.

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