The latest technology update of Extrusion blowing machine

Plastic machinery equipment exhibition area, various injection molding machines, extruders and production lines, Blowing machines, bottle blowing machines, thermoforming machines, plastic suction machines, cutting machines, 3D printing technology, various recycling and recycling equipment and other rubber and plastic equipment; The latest technology update of Extrusion blowing machine.

Rubber and plastic machinery equipment exhibition area: various plastic and rubber equipment, extruders and production lines, Blowing machines, thermoforming machines, film blowing machines, wire drawing machines, foaming equipment, recycling and recycling technology and other rubber and plastic equipment;

Rubber machinery and equipment exhibition area: rubber product packaging machinery, auxiliary equipment, rubber product processing, testing equipment, auxiliary equipment, mold and processing, testing equipment, etc;

Raw materials exhibition area: various chemicals and raw materials, pigments and color masterbatches, chemical additives, thermoplastic elastomers, various composite materials, bioplastics, recycled plastics, additives, semi-finished products, etc;

Rubber chemicals category exhibition area: rubber plastics, rubber additives (rubber vulcanization accelerator, rubber blend, 20% film), reinforcing modifier, chemical rubber, elastomer, tire rubber, synthetic resin, thermoplastic elastomer, nylon resin, rubber daily plastics, modified plastics, nylon and elastomer, general industrial knitting agent, etc;

Used rubber machinery exhibition area: cable unshielded cable insulation (wet tape), nylon asphalt cutting machine, textile rope, beverage recycling and recycling granulation, foam heat recovery treatment equipment, recycling and recycling plastic machinery, PET bottle piece recycling machine, PET scrap metal recycling and recycling processing equipment, waste plastic recycling and processing equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, testing equipment, etc;

plastic blow moulding machine

Rubber machinery and equipment exhibition area: rubber sheets, rubber fragments, sundries, thick plates, tapes, sheets, rubber accelerators, rubber cutting agents, rubber particles, rubber blends, pelletizers, foam particles, modified materials, twin-screw, recycling machinery, foam particles, waste plastic recycling processing equipment, foam particles, waste plastic recycling granulation, powder recycling processing equipment, recycling technology equipment, etc;

Rubber equipment, rubber auxiliary machinery, foam, fuel products and products, rubber raw materials, film cooling, dry refrigerated glass are inseparable from silicone products, temperature drying, stretching, cooling cycle, shock protection, explosion-proof, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction, high temperature resistance, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction, temperature and ultraviolet resistance, anti-static protection, waterproof, sound insulation and noise reduction, ozone generator, sound insulation and noise reduction, oil stain resistance, sole cable Rubber hose, plastic corrugated pipe, dust collector, screen tube, sponge, leather collector, pulser, air hole, capacitor, paper making, printing.

The rubber mixing machine is at the entrance of the calender, and the influence of the roller calender on the parameters of the roller, screw and die head of the melting extruder flows downward, resulting in the sheet uniform melt flow, ensuring the strip uniform extrusion process, and also ensuring the strip uniform extrusion process. The main work of the calender: the gap of the roller, the viscous flow state, the solid quenching and other melts are uniform, and the calender forming process is regarded as the whole work of producing the calender calender forming.

The above is all about the work of the calender. I hope to help you. If you want to regenerate the plastic tension, with the development of pollution-free, the calender roller needs to organize the stress. Here we mainly introduce the following four aspects.

The structure of calender roller is mainly composed of roller rod, parallel adjuster and movable roller rod. The main function of the work roll rod is to integrate the plastic data and adjust the calender machinery according to the data thickness until the diameter exceeds the specified value. Although the same plastic film has to complete all the work.

For the collection of two group standards, such as “3 rollers of resin and solid resin”, it is necessary to organize sports and other practical operations.

With regard to the collection of seven group standards, such as the “three rollers of resin”, the campaign needs to be organized in the form of organization to ensure that the organization process runs synchronously, and each industry coordinates together. At each link, participants will make full use of the “nex” volume to carry out the product cycle process.

The new standards proposed by the six group standards of “resin 3-roller, hopper, die, multi-roller, etc.” were collected.

Specific requirements need to be organized for the collection of 3 rollers, handles, pull rods, half rings, mouth molds, mandrels, air rods, etc. of resin.

Our goal is to better serve the manufacturing industry, logistics, warehousing, logistics and other industries, and provide the manufacturing industry with protective covers, plastic accessories and other services through the special provincial and municipal epidemic control system.

Our goal is to better serve the manufacturing industry, logistics, warehousing and logistics, high-end food industry, as well as the end users of birth, business, chain and hundreds of people.

For beverage enterprises undertaking sensitivity, aquatic recreation project is the most professional commercial blow molding project.

Chemical industry: As a renewable source of oil, what systems does it include? Oil tire ton%, electricity coefficient, etc.

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