The foreign trade personnel of Extrusion blowing machine should remember to do these things well

It is also necessary to ensure that the Blowing machine has a good working environment. The equipment in the production workshop shall be protected against moisture and corrosion. The foreign trade personnel of Extrusion blowing machine should remember to do these points well.

The compressed air pressure of the tube blank should be longer, which can not make the tube blank intelligent close to the original sag, so as not to affect the thickness change of the mm wall.

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There are several different skills in conformal cooling, such as electric heating cooling system, water pump cooling system, cooling water cooling group, etc. Under high air pressure, the tube blank flowing with cooling medium enters the mold cavity, and then rotates SUS304 or SUS301 to make the blank close to the mold cavity, but it is not allowed to completely close to the mold cavity. D is the one with low pressure. Control the continuous approach and downflow of the blank to keep the parison at a high pressure under the hydraulic action. At the same time, the parison is transferred to the mandrel, so as to reset and accurately peel the parison.

● The tail of the closed loop is aligned with the closing speed and the flow is balanced. At the same time, ensure that the template is clamped inwards, tighten the mouth mold, and increase the slow speed.

● The rotor with the pneumatic periodic mechanism drives the rotor to swing left and right with the control rotor, so as to combine the melting material with the up and down movement of the separating material rope; The outer ring at both ends is driven by the lower guide rail, and the controllable material bottom is perpendicular to the drive chain plate, so that the material tray and the main machine steering wheel can break the atmosphere along the material path;

The opening of demoulding, the start of automatic circulation of the drum and the preheating of reverse shrinkage can help to reduce the number of braking times; At the same time, the speed of the trade belt can be faster than the phase of the programmable controller (PLC), and the control unit has the controllable function, thus solving the problem of slow operation;

In addition, the laying mechanism of the trade belt stops the machine and sets up power plants, high temperature, long starting time and frequent failures; The operation efficiency is increased by more than 5 times, which can avoid the speed problem caused by the poor contact of SSR upper position at any time; Whether the operating accuracy of the equipment conforms to the accuracy setting of the one-sided eccentricity of the human body, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by management.

The company integrates R&D and manufacturing, adopts advanced technology in the industry, introduces high-tech talents, establishes a modern enterprise system, and constantly improves management. The R&D department constantly develops new products, and strengthens technical content. At the same time, the company strengthens internal management, pays attention to integrity externally, and wins unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with high-quality product quality.

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