The first breakthrough in the Extrusion blowing machine industry

Comply with the hygienic standard of food packaging. PE plastic barrel application industry, food packaging, Extrusion blowing machine industry made breakthroughs for the first time. The main product series of PE plastic packaging include: single-layer HDPE plastic barrel, to more than 20 compression areas of 7-layer co-extrusion blow molding unit, and some auxiliary equipment. The main product series of PE plastic packaging are: single-layer HDPE plastic barrel, to 7-layer co-extrusion blow molding unit, co-extrusion PE plastic barrel; Three-layer co-extrusion blow molding unit for daily use, co-extrusion PE plastic packaging; Go to the design workshop of daily cosmetics packaging plant (shampoo bottle) and add # container packaging plant (shampoo bottle) packaging workshop. The development prospect of PE plastic barrel is very broad, but it is very close to the industrial chain of outer pipe products. PE plastic bucket has many advantages, such as the 55t, 200t, 2000t, 279, 1550 pumps and 12 threads. It has good high temperature resistance and can withstand the changes of too high electrical field. PE plastic bucket has very good impact resistance and temperature resistance. It will not have high requirements for plastic packaging due to salt water and other industries, but the bottom products will prevent the change of shell shape and the preservation effect will not change. PE plastic barrel has low density. When it is resistant to high temperature in the high temperature industry in summer, it is as thin as fat mucosa, so it has good impact resistance. At the same time, when the glass fiber of the barrier layer is thin, such as 55 and 70 layers of plastic products, the temperature resistance will not change. When the glass fiber is collected and pressed, it is as thin as a petri dish, and the attenuation rate can significantly reduce the oil consumption.

In addition to the relative density of the above items, the shrinkage of epoxy resin is also relatively high. The calculation accuracy of epoxy resin width is usually 03~08 mm, and most of the rated accuracy is 05 mm. The rated accuracy of the inverter can reach 1 μ m. It is applicable to all common synthetic fibers.

The commonly used soft raw materials of products mainly include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyester, which are always based on high-density polyethylene or ‘poly – 800’ thermoplastic resin mixed with various resins. Their raw materials are mainly used in glass products, electronic products, kitchen utensils, lighting products, automobile parts and textile, medical devices, building materials, furniture decoration and printing industries.

All our granulating units have passed CE and ISO9001 certification, with guaranteed quality.

When you buy our granulation production line, we will give you quantitative vulnerable parts free of charge. For vulnerable parts, we always recommend customers to buy some as spare parts (such as screw elements, cutting knives, etc.). However, if you just run out of stock and continue to spare parts, you can contact us in time. Our company always prepares wearing parts for various models and will deliver them to you at a fast speed to ensure that your production progress is not affected.

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The production cycle of a complete granulation production line depends on the size and configuration of the machine. The delivery time of standard models is generally between 15 and 90 days.

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